Lactose is the principle carbohydrate and energy source for infants and young children. Lactose gives glucose and galactose. Galactose maintains a central metabolic role in human nutrition.

Galactosemia may occur because of the deficient functioning of any of the enzymes galactokinase, galactose-1-phosphate, and uridyl transferase. These are the enzymes that metabolize galactose to glucose.

The infant should be provided complete lactose-free milk.

If less than 500ml is taken by the child of 1yr age he should be given calcium and other vitamin and mineral supplements.

Avoid all the milk and milk products.

Non-dietary creams prepared from soya protein may be used.

Whole soya flour preparations should be avoided.

Foods to be included:

Beverages: fruit drinks free of apple, grapes, pear, and papaya.

Bread without milk and eggs can be given.

All cheeses can be provided.

Desserts: fruit ices, gelatin.

Fruits: canned, fresh, frozen, that does not contain glucose kiwi, figs, etc.

Gruels and porridges can be provided.

Foods to be avoided:

All milk and milk products, commercial cakes, omelets, souffles containing milk, fruits processed with lactose, apple sauce, apple, banana, dates, pear, watermelon.             

Foods should be provided to the child every 2 hours interval.

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