Arsenicum album is on the list of the top fifteen most essential remedies in homeopathy. It is derived from arsenic and is poisonous in the crude form. Arsenicum in homeopathy is prepared by removing arsenic from cobalt, iron, and nickel at high temperatures. Then the powder is diluted and ground with lactose.

Most of the pills contain a single molecule of original arsenic. Arsenicum album in homeopathy is used to treat a wide range of symptoms.

Earlier Arsenic was used as a remedy for cattle disease but later on, it was successfully tried on human diseases and was considered as one of the best ailments in homeopathy.

However, it is not necessary that homeopathy will suit every patient. In many cases, there is no positive effect even sometimes side-effects are also experienced.

Advantages of Arsenicum Album:

  • Arsenicum album is a well-proven homeopathic medication and is frequently used to cure several symptoms.
  • It affects all parts and tissues of the body.
  • It is used to treat chronic disease, panic attacks, chickenpox, cold, indigestion, coughs, boils, skin infections, anxiety disorders, asthma, food poisoning, flu, measles, fevers, cystitis, eye inflammations, herpes burns, etc.
  • It can also be used to treat cancer, lumps, septic infections, alcoholism, malaria, and syphilis.
  • It is also proven to be helpful in patients suffering from mental disorders. However, it does not help in all stages of the disease.
  • Patients needing Arsenicum album have general symptoms like restlessness, pale, weakness, etc. They are likely to catch a cold easily.

Disadvantages of Arsenicum Album:

Arsenic is recommended when the intake is in normal food quantity.

  • Overdose of Arsenicum Album has severe consequences.
  • Restlessness and various allergies can be experienced when not taken under the proper guidance of a doctor or a medical practitioner.

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