Maintaining the hygiene of private parts is of utmost importance in men as well as women failing which can lead to many complicated health issues like redness, itchiness, foul smell, and infection. As private parts remain covered through the day, they tend to have and live with more perspiration and accumulation of foul smell in the area. This makes it more important to take extra care.

Though cleaning guidelines for men and women are not much different in terms of routines though cleaning can be peculiar to each considering their specific body parts.

Children should be trained about the hygiene of private parts from an early age.

Hygiene Guideline for Men:

Make it a habit to bathe twice a day and clean the penis and testicles with water and mild soap each time.

Change underwear after each bath

Wipe genitals dry with tissue after urinating

Hygiene Guideline for Women:

Women should also thoroughly clean their genitals with warm or normal water with a non-harsh soap.

After washing women should also pat dry thoroughly to avoid the accumulation of perspiration

Like men, women should also make it a habit to wipe their pubic areas clean and dry post urination  

As women menstruate they need to be extra careful about their vaginal hygiene to avoid the eruption of even minor infection.

For both genders, prevention is better than cure when it comes to genital hygiene

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