What are the Main Symptoms of Diabetes in Men?

What are the Main Symptoms of Diabetes in Men?


The Main Symptoms of Diabetes in Men – An Overview

India is home to one in every six people living with diabetes in the world. That makes it one of the most populated countries for individuals with diabetes. Yet, it’s estimated that almost 57% of all adults with diabetes go undiagnosed in the country. That’s nearly 43.9 million people, and out of this, men form a whopping number.

Men are more likely to get diabetes than women. That’s possible because men store more fat in their bellies which is a risk factor. While men and women are both at a higher risk of getting several diseases such as heart disease, vision loss, stroke, kidney failure, and more, there are diabetes symptoms men that specific to them. Let’s explore those.

Diabetes - A Definition

An individual with diabetes has elevated blood glucose levels due to less insulin. That’s the hormone used to regulate blood sugar and reduced levels of it led to insulin resistance. That can be regulated with the right lifestyle changes and medication if needed.

Forms of Diabetes

Diabetes (Type 1): That form of diabetes means that one cannot produce sufficient levels of insulin. It’s caused by an autoimmune reaction or alternative lifestyle choices that don’t suit the system. Type 1 is usually diagnosed in children, teenagers, and young adults. Adults living with this type of diabetes must take insulin daily.

Diabetes (Type 2): Most people here can’t keep blood sugar at normal levels, and this is usually diagnosed in adults. Regulate this in men with healthier changes in lifestyle, such as being more active and eating healthier food.

Prediabetes: This stage is easy to control if you take healthy steps to reverse it.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

The main diabetes symptoms in men include an increase in urination, feeling thirsty all the time, and a roaring appetite. If you’re unexpectedly losing weight, that could be another sign, as could blurriness of vision and dry skin. Others include thrush and slower healing powers.

But certain diabetes symptoms in men are specific to them, such as the following.

Erectile Dysfunction

One study cites that over 50% of men with diabetes have erectile dysfunction - failure to achieve or maintain an erection. ED could be a result of many other health issues as well, including high blood pressure, kidney disease, nervous system conditions, stress, and different types of medication, so check in with your doctor at the earliest to find out more.

Retrograde Ejaculation

When semen is released back into the bladder, it’s called retrograde ejaculation. Another symptom is the release of noticeably less semen during ejaculation.

Damage to the Autonomic Nervous System

Several sexual topics arise from diabetes due to damaging the autonomic nervous system. The ANS controls how the blood vessels widen or constrict. Diabetes can damage those blood vessels, and that slows blood flow to the penis.

Other Urologic Issues

Urological issues include an overactive bladder, inability to control urination, and urinary tract infections. All of these are due to nerve damage so manage them by making subtle lifestyle changes.

How To Manage Diabetes

Healthier Eating Habits

For those asking, ‘Are oats good for people with diabetes?’ – yes, it is. Food rich in dietary fibre is good to keep diabetes symptoms in men at a minimum. These include fruits, non-starchy vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Eating fiber is beneficial because:

  • It slows down sugar absorption.
  • Interferes with the absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol.
  • Manages other risk factors that affect heart health and blood pressure.
  • Keep you feeling full for longer.

Processed food, junk food, and sweetened beverages can lead to diabetes. Eating less of these foods and switching over to a plant-based diet could help manage diabetes.

Exercise More

Aerobic exercises, jogging, yoga, and other forms of movement are good to regulate diabetes symptoms in men. They help you lose weight, lower your blood sugar, and boost insulin sensitivity. That keeps blood sugar within a normal range.

If you work on the computer and tend to spend a fair amount of time inactive, ensure you spend every few minutes standing, walking around, and doing some type of light activity. It could also help you lose some body weight, which may have benefits to keeping away diabetes symptoms in men.

The Bottom Line

At the end of a long hard day at work, all you want to do is to relax and wind down. But with increasingly sedentary lifestyles and exhausting to-do lists, it can be difficult. Fast food and faster lives make looking after our health take a backseat. That’s why diabetes creeps up on many people without warning. At the same time, this condition can be due to genetics and an unavoidable one. Manage them with good lifestyle choices and stay updated with the latest in medication.



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