“Sitting is injurious to health” oh wait!! What are you saying? You are mistaken, is what your reaction will be reading the above statement. But yes, you read it right; sitting for a long period is very dangerous to your health just like smoking or taking some other drugs.

Scholars found out to what happens when we sit more than 6 hours a day and the result is way too shocking. Sitting for long is another way of killing yourself without even realizing. There are 50%chances of dying early if you sit for long without any movement. So get up and move, chill, take a break.

How Sitting Kills Your Body

All the organs of the body have to work properly and on time to lead a healthy life. Even a single improper function of the organ can cause serious health problems. Without any physical activity sitting stir for more time can decrease the muscle contraction in your body.

This muscle contraction is very important in the human body as it helps to easy flow of blood and removes the toxin. If this function gets disturbed then soon the other functions of the organs also stop working one by one leading into the tragic death.

Prolonged sitting more than 6 hours a day

The Chronic Diseases

You will now think how cum sitting kills your body, how will it result. To answer you the increase of all the chronic and fatal disease is what happens when we sit more than 6 hours a day. Let’s find out the diseases which develop in our body when we sit for a long time

One Common and Well Known Disease

Apart from the fatal diseases that I mentioned above, there is one common disease which will surely affect your body if you sit in one place without any movement or physical activity. It is nothing but obesity.

Don't you think sitting for long will boost up extra calories in your body? Yes, all those fats get stuck in your lower belly resulting in obesity. People nowadays are finding difficult to fight against obesity and with extreme depression, they either suicide or developmental disorder.


As we read above what happens when we sit more than 6 hours a day? Now you want to know how to cope with that? The solution is simple, keep moving or doing any physical activity. Am not saying you to don’t sit but sit with a break. At least for every 1 hour take a break. Get up have a glass of water or simply have a walk of 5 minutes and then continue your work.

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