Dementia's most general form is called Alzheimer's disease that is also known as Alzheimer disease. It is a kind of neurological disorder. In the beginning, it is of mild nature but as it progresses, it becomes worse. It happens when the brain cells die, consequently patiently suffers from memory loss as well as cognitive decline.

Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

Some of the common symptoms include :

  • Memory loss
  • People find it hard learning anything or recalling new information as well.
  • The trouble of speech is also a prominent early symptom. The patient feels hard to come up with appropriate words.
  • Confusion, aggression, long-term memory loss, mood swing, and irritability

Causes of Alzheimer's disease

Death of brain cells is the root cause of Alzheimer's disease. Because of its neurodegenerative nature, cells of the brain progressively die.

Risk factors

  • Age older people are at higher risk
  • Family genes or Inheritance of genes
  • Female
  • Factors causing a rise of blood vessel
  • Past injury to head
  • Sleep disorders


Alzheimer's disease is a kind of disease that has no particular cure. Death of brain cells is hard to stop or undo. However, some therapeutic inventions are of much use for the patients.


  • At present, no exact treatments have been discovered, that may prevent Alzheimer's.
  • People with an inclination towards reading, crossword, playing board games, playing musical instruments and social connections are seen at reduced danger.
  • Healthy, Mediterranean, and Japanese diet is also useful.

Is this curable

No definite cure has yet been found however, alternative therapies might help.

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