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Stop Hiccups Immediately With These Simple and Quick Home Remedies

Stop Hiccups Immediately With These Simple and Quick Home Remedies

Hiccups are most commonly seen in every individual at some or other time, but they can be embarrassing and annoying in public.Usually, bouts of hiccups go away by themselves without any treatment. However, there are few simple and quick cures for hiccups.

The sudden and involuntary contractions of diaphragm muscle are called as Hiccups. With the frequent muscle contracts, the passage between the vocal cords snaps shut to check the air inflow and makes the sound of a hiccup. Nerves irritation extends from neck to the chest and results in hiccups.

Simple and Quick cures for hiccups

  • One complete spoon of sugar is the best remedy to cure hiccups quickly, because its graininess irritates the esophagus slightly, stop hiccups resulting the phrenic nerves to "reorganize" themselves.
  • Intake a full teaspoon of vinegar, its sour taste helps in stopping a hiccup in its tracks
  • Consume a big spoonful peanut butter. During the process of chewing & getting it off your tongue & teeth, swallowing & breathing patterns gets interrupted. And thus, the hiccups stop.
  • Sipping some hot sauce probably works as the heat & burn are disturbing enough to turn body's focus on burning, rather than hiccup process.
  • The intake of honey could tackle the vagus nerve and makes the hiccups stop
  • The intake of some powdered chocolate drink mix and swallowing the spoonful should cure the hiccups.
  • Swallowing the seeds fuel the vagus nerve and makes the hiccups stop

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Alongside with aforementioned home remedies, the following are few Quick cure for hiccups when the ingredients are not available at that particular moment. 

  • Hold your breath
  • Quickly drink a glass of water
  • Ask someone frighten you
  • Pull hard on tongue
  • Bite a lemon
  • Gargle water
  • Use smelling salts
  • Drink from the far side of glass

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