Mud directly corresponds to Earth, which is one of the five elements that make up the universe. Since ages, mud has been used for treating various diseases. Research says that mud rejuvenates and refreshes your entire body and wards off lethargy. Mud Therapy is extremely beneficial for treating skin diseases and healing wounds. The complete mud treatment includes mud bath and mudpack.

Types of Mud Therapy

Mud Pack

Mud Pack

Moistened mud is used widely to treat various diseases. There are several advantages of using a mudpack such as it retains the moisture of the body and provide prolonged coolness. The coolness and moisture in the mud pack makes your skin pores relaxed due to which the blood is drawn to the surface relieving the skin from the inner congestion.The mudpack promotes radiation of heat and eliminates the morbid matter. For better effect, the mud used for the pack has to be obtained from considerable depth of the earth so that no impurities are present in the mud such as compost and pebbles.

A smooth paste of mud is made using warm water and then cooled. This cooled clay is then, spread over a cloth strip. This strip is used as a body bandage to cover the body just like a protective material. This bandage is kept for around half an hour or less and then taken off.

Mud Bath

Mud bath is yet another type of mud therapy. Although it is much similar to the mudpack therapy, the mud bath involved application to larger body portion. The mud is grounded and then sluiced to remove any traces of impurities. This sifted clay is then made into smooth paste using warm water and spread on a sheet. This sheet is quite long and is used to wrap the whole body. Once completely covered, the body is covered again with few blankets. After half an hour, the blankets and the sheet are removed and you are bathed with hot water or cold-water shower.

The mud bath reenergizes skin tissues, tones up the skin, improves blood circulation and many beauty clinics offer it as a part of their beauty treatment. However, it should not be practiced during cold season or if the person is suffering from cold as mud bath can aggravate the symptoms.Moreover, make sure that you get it done from a professional mud therapist so that you are assured of the quality of the mud used for the treatment.

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