Rarely do we think whether cold or hot water can affect our health and looks. Usually, it is a habit to bath with cold water during hot weather conditions and bath with warm shower during cold weather.

However, the fact remains that the temperature of your bath water can break or even make health. The choice is subjective and depends upon several considerations including season, age, body constitution, disease condition and habit. So how to make the right choice?

Which Water is good for Bathing-Hot or Cold?

Advice of Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, you must use cold water to wash your hair and use hot water to bath the body. This medical branch opines that using hot water for bathing head can have bad effect on hair and eyes. Even then the decision should be taken after considering the following few points.

Body Type for Bathing

  • A person having a Pitta type of body should bath with cold water instead of hot water.
  • A person suffering from Vata or Kafha should wash his body with hot water.

For patients suffering from Pitta diseases such as indigestion, liver disorders, burning sensation and more, cold-water works best. However, if you are suffering from any of the Kapha disorders such as allergies, cold, cough, respiratory diseases and more or from Vata disease including arthritis, foot pain or joint pain, you must bath with hot water.

Note: Epilepsy patients should bath with lukewarm water in all the seasons.


Hot water is good for old people and children whereas youngsters for bathing should use cold water. Students who want to study for long hours and limit their sleeping period should bath with cold water in very early morning to increase alertness.


You must bath with hot water during winter and cold water during summer.

Time of the Day

If you are bathing in the morning, you should take cold-water bath. However, if you want to bath during the night to remove tiredness, you should take a refreshing hot water bath.

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