19 Secrets to Living a Happier Life 

So the New Year began! I guess already many of us even set up our goals, resolutions, aims, and what not with loads of enthusiasm?

Still, do you think you can carry forward this enthusiasm till this year-end?

At the end of the day, Everyone’s dream is to live happily irrespective of circumstances! Do you think it is possible to all in this robotic era?

So let’s see how we can achieve what we dreamt of. Today we are going to give some auspicious tips for achieving your dreams and goals with a stress-free life.

Gather your thoughts to know how adopting a simple “positivity” makes wonders in your life.

We are cent percent sure our top 19 tips of positivity are going to help in achieving everything and anything in this year 2020.

Do more of what makes you happy || how to build positive attitude

1. Be confident:

Confidence is the main internal medicine, don't lose confidence at any time in any situation.

“Over-confidence leads to hurdles which mess with your peace of mind.”

2. Know your real strength:

Target your goals as per your strengths and requirements. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Before starting any task write down strengths and weaknesses and analyze your plan in achieving your goals. This strategy gives a clear idea of your strengths.

3. Life is more:

You don’t have limitations unless you surrounded them by yourself. Life is beyond your thoughts and expectations. 

"Never get depressed with your failures. Try in multiple methods take guidance and suggestions from your people."


4. Be Positive:

Many studies proved adopting positiveness can work miracles in achieving their targets. It not only enhances your professional skills but also increases personal skills like confidence, energy, good attitude, etc.

5. Use social media for a cause:

"You are not a call center to give information and text 24/7 by neglecting the major aspects of your life."

Maintain a time frame for your social media and or any messenger tool as per the importance of social media in your life. Don’t waste your precious days in it.


6. Health is Wealth:

This might be the oldest saying but it works throughout life. Don't forget this any time in your life. A happy life doesn’t need (every time) money but a healthy life surely needs a healthy body. Your negligence can risk your life.

7. Be physically active:

A physical exercise may be of any form. Do walking daily at least 10,000 steps or start Yoga or any physical exercise or any other physical activity which you are interested in. But do with all the passion and enthusiasm.

Be physically active || how to become a positive person

8. Don't love everyone:

When you care a lot and love infinitely to others, you cannot get the same amount of love and care in response from others.

At the same time, all your expectations will be crashed and it mostly affects your relationship with them. This situation leads to mental depression, stress, and other mental health problems. Love and care right person at right time show your emotions according to the necessity.

9. Family and Parents:

Nothing is more than our parents and family, they are the real persons without selfishness and they love enormously without any boundaries, they struggle for us, their encouragement and guidance is all we need to achieve the bigger goals in our life.

10. Give Time:

Spend daily time with your family, kids and near/dears of your loved ones. Spread positivity among them. Cherish the memories, live in the present, and love unconditionally because at the end of the day they are all the ones who look after us.

11. Friends:

Maintain good friendships. Don't count friends list in your social media? Count your real friends who can make or break anything just for you. 

Choose your friends-circle carefully. You don’t need hundreds of friends one a real friend is enough for you to walk on the eggshell path along with you.

12. Eat:

Eat what you want but know the limit; eat the right food at the right time. Choose fresh, organic and healthy food always. Eat right to stay healthy. Always adopt hygiene food.

13.Regular health checkups:

If you are already suffering from any health ailments or else to maintain good health, regular health checkups are essentials to lead a happy and healthy life.

"Regular health checkups bring peace of mind to you by knowing your health status."

14.Travel a lot:

According to many studies Traveling in nature or visiting places reduce mental stress and help in exploring our heritage. It teaches you about life practically. It adds new energy to you and fills you with new enthusiasm.

15. Meditation:

Practice meditation and try to add in your everyday routine. It improves your mental condition and benefit for your overall health. It helps in increasing confidence levels and keeps you active throughout the day.

Few Types of Meditation:

  • Om Chanting 
  • Anulom Vilom 
  • Spiritual Meditation 
  • Zen Meditation

Be Positive || How to be positive

16. Look and Feel: 

Maintaining a good dress code is very demanding in this era. Your dressing style alone speaks millions of words about you before even opening your mouth. 

There is no need to wear an Armani suit or any designer junk, just a normal dress is enough which is neat and clean. Most importantly choose the dress you are most comfortable in.

“The best dress is how you carry any outfit with a bring smile."


17. Smile:

Smile! Your smile creates wonders. Your smiles give you confidence, it encourages you to face any situation. It helps you in overcoming any depression. Smile with your heart and make others jealous.

18. Do the right Service:

Do service where really your help is needed. For being part of any social service or other needed services you really no need of any money.

“A good heart full of helping nature will lead you to help the needy."


19. Read more books:

Books are your best friends. Book gives you ideas, teaches you the best things and guides you in the correct path. A perfect book will always help in achieving anything you desire for.

New Year, New Decade, New Dreams are all waiting for you! Why late? 

Start your fresh decade with a positivity-filled attitude! Join the team to start a healthy and happy future!

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