Benefits of Exercise , And 5 Types Of  Exercises For Your Health

Updated: 30-03-2024

Those planned physical activities that are done continually to improve health and keep oneself healthy are called exercise. defines it as an Activity requiring physical efforts carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.


Benefits of exercise to our body

It is not a hidden fact that exercise is helpful for almost everyone; through spending some time on exercise, we can not only keep our body fit but also prevent or treat several diseases like osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, depression, and weakness.

It is also beneficial for boosting and maintaining joint functions.

Exercise improves stamina and general health and slows aging effects.

Exercise Prevents

How Does Exercise Help?

Exercise has biological effects from head to toe; it affects muscles, lungs, heart, brain, joints, and bones. Exercise optimizes leptin/insulin receptor sensitivity which is beneficial for normalizing glucose, leptin, and insulin levels.

Types of Exercises

There are different types of exercises for different purposes; some of them are given below  Range of Motion Exercise This kind of exercise intends to improve the movement of the joints, and it can be divided into three different exercise 

1. Strengthening Exercise

This kind of exercise is useful for improving muscle strength and mass, metabolism of the body, and bone strength.

2. Isotonic Exercise

In this kind of exercise, body weight works as the resistance force; sit-ups, push-ups, and chin-ups all are examples of Isotonic Exercises.

3. Isometric Exercise

This kind of exercise is good for increasing muscle strength or strength of the muscle group.

4. Isokinetic Exercise

This type of exercise is done with the help of machines; Physical therapists generally use such machines.

5. Cardiac Rehabilitation

For the rehabilitation and prevention of cardiac diseases or disorders, this kind of exercise can be very beneficial.


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