These days we are very busy with our work schedule ,so that is the reason we are not taking care about what we are eating and drinking .But it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Here are the very bad things that we are doing daily .

1. Storing Pickles in Plastic Containers:

Solution: Store in ceramic and steel containers.

Storing Pickles in Plastic Containers

2. Eating heat food in Plastic Plates or disposable plates:

Solution: Use any metal plates or patravali plates (Plates made with leaves).

3. Drinking Chilled water from Fridge:

Solution: Use Mud based Pots for drinking water.

4. Cooking recipes in aluminum dishes :

Solution: Use steel based or brass cookware for cooking.

5. Using vegetables without washing :

Solution: We must wash vegetables at least 2 times with saltwater or soak vegetables in saltwater for at least 5 to 10 minutes before cooking

6. Rubbing body soap on body multiple times a day:

Solution: Just use once or twice a day and don't rub harshly, or else use natural body washing powder.

7. Drinking Very Hot Tea or soups:

Solution: Prefer drinking warm tea or soups instead of taking it very hot.

8.Rubbing hair with Shampoo:

Solution: If possible use natural shampoo or shikakai then rub your hair gently.

9. Eating spicy food with cool drinks:

Solution: If you want to eat spicy food either outside or in your home prefer buttermilk.

10. Listening to the music while walking:

Solution: Listen to natural sounds or else concentrate on your body moment while walking, this improves your walking power and body power.

Hope all these we can learn from our ancient trends only, but now we are living in a modern lifestyle and suffering from many diseases.By following these things you can lead a healthy life.

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Pavan Kumar Elkoochi

Is a Healthcare Evangelist,Writer,Social Thinker,Healthcare Business Analyst Trainer,Mentor.He strongly Believes Health is Wealth You can Reach him on Pavan kumar elkoochi.

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