Every day we are eating vegetables and fruits ,but exactly we don't know how these fruits and vegetables are helping us to maintain a healthy life. From this article you can get some idea about what to eat ?

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables:

1.Ginger: Reduces the hiccupsfruits and vegetables

2.Curry Leaves: Reduces the anemia and improves Hair Growth

3.Blackberry(Jamun): It contains jambolin glucoside ,which is useful to diabetic patients.

4.Pumpkin : Pumpkin and its seeds are best natural medicine for Kidney

,Urine, Bladder related disorders

5.Avacado:Removes constipation issue when you eat daily.

6.Guava: Guava balances the hormone levels.

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7.Pearl Millet: Using Pearl Millet in your daily diet can reduce the hemorrhoid issues.

8.Pomegranate: The Juice of Pomegranate contains a rich source of potassium, antioxidants,Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Pomegranate juice is the best medicine for Jaundice .

9.Moringa Leaves: Best natural medicine for gastric ulcer

10.Carrots : Nerve disorders ,improves eye health,skin glowing purpose.

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