Guava is tops the chart of tropical fruit with high nutrients. Along with unique taste and affordable cost, the health benefits of Guava is another reason why people prefer to eat it. Guavas are commonly known as amrood.

Filled with a myriad of tiny hard seeds, Guavas are commonly known as amrood, are seasonal, fruits that are extensively sold in Indian markets. On top of its distinctive flavor and lovely intense aroma, Guavas are also well-known for its nutrition and numerous health benefits.

Health benefits of Guava

The following are the some of the health benefits of Guava

1.Benefits of Guava for Healthy Heart

Guavas increase the potassium and sodium balance in the body, thus regulates blood pressure in individuals suffering from hypertension.

Also, Guavas assist in lowering the triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, which contribute to heart disease. This amazing mouth-watering fruit improves good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

2.Benefits of Guava during pregnancy

Pregnant women are recommended to intake folic acid, and vitamin B-9, as it helps in developing baby's nervous system & shield the newborn baby from other neurological disorders.

3.Benefits of Guava for weight loss

Want to lose weight? Guava is the best remedy to lose weight easily and simply. Without negotiating the intake of vitamins, proteins & fiber, Guava individuals in losing their weight by regulating the metabolism. Guava is a filling snack that satisfies human appetite easily. Also, raw Guava has less sugar when compared to oranges, apples, grapes, and other fruits.

4.Boosts Immunity

Guavas are rich sources of vitamin C. They contain four times of vitamin C content available in oranges. Vitamin C also helps in improve immunity &keeps you away from common pathogens and infections.

5.Minimizes the Risk of Cancer

According to the sources, Lycopene, vitamin C, quercetin& other polyphenols acts as strong antioxidants that counter act free radicals produced in the body and prevents the development of cancer cells. Guavas are considered to be successful in minimizing prostate cancer risk & moreover inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells as it is rich in lycopene.


Guavas are rich in fiber content & low glycaemic index, and they prevent diabetes. When the low glycemic index inhibits an unexpected rise in sugar levels, the fiber content ensures the regulation of sugar levels.

7.Constipation can be treated

Guava is the best source of nutritional fiber when compared to other fruits & just one Guava accomplishes around 12% of daily recommended consumption of fiber that makes it very helpful for digestive health.

The seeds of Guava, if swallowed whole or chewed, help as exceptional laxatives too, assisting the formation of healthy bowel movements. This is also one of the health benefits of guava.

8.Eyesight Improvement

Vitamin A present in Guava is known for improving eye vision. It not only prevents of deprivation eyesight but also improves vision. It helps in delaying the cataracts appearance & macular degeneration.

9.Benefits of Guava leaves Combats Toothache

The strong anti-inflammatory action present in the Guava leaves shows a robust antibacterial capability that battles with infection & kills germs. Therefore, intake of Guava leaves works as an eccentric home remedy for a toothache. Guava leaves juice is known for curing toothaches, oral ulcers, and swollen gums.


The magnesium present in Guavas helps to relax the muscles and nerves of the body. So after a hard workout or a long day at the office, a Guava is certainly what you need to relax your muscles, combat stress and give your system a good energy boost

11.Good for Your Brain

Guavas contains vitamin B3 & vitamin B6, which helps in blood circulation improvement to the brain, encouraging cognitive function & relaxing the nerves

13.Cough and Cold

Among various fruits,Guava is rich in vitamin-C & iron, which prevents cold & other viral infections. The ram and immature Guava juice or Guava leaves decoction is useful in relieving cold and cough as it assists in getting rid of mucus & disinfects respiratory tract, lungs, and throat.

13.Anti-Ageing Properties

Antioxidants such as lycopene and carotene; and vitamin C, Vitamin A are rich in Guavas, which helps in protecting skin from wrinkles. One Guava a day keeps fine lines away!

14.Complexion improvement

Guava also helps in regaining skin's freshness and radiance. Obtain the benefits of Guava for skin by preparing DIY scrub at home: All you need to do is smash Guava pulp with egg yolk & apply on face.

After 20 minutes rinse off with warm water. If this is repeated once or twice, this removes dead skin cells & lightens skin complexion. Vitamin K present in Guava helps in overcoming dark circles, skin discoloration, acne irritation, and redness.

15.Texture improvement

Guavas are high in astringent properties. Benefits of Guava leaves or unripe Guava helps in improving texture; It assists in tightening and toning up the facial muscles, thus apply Guava leaves decoction on skin.

These are some of the health benefits of guava and follow them.

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