• Why we should eat Organic Food ?
    December 1, 2016

    Organic means no Chemicals, Organic farming means no Chemicals in Cultivation, ORGANIC FOOD means food without Chemicals. So it’s time to take organic food in your daily diet to overcome many diseases.

    Why we should eat Organic Food

    Organic Food

    What you need to know about Organic Food  ?

    1. Natural & for Better taste:

    Organic food taste is natural and real taste .because chemical based and GM food contains less taste comparing with natural food.   

    2. Improves Eco System:

    Natural farming is safe for Living things (plants, animals and other living things) in an area and non- living things in universe like weather, Soil, Earth, Sun, Atmosphere.


    Organic Farming

    3. No Harmful Chemicals

    4. For Better Health

    5. Safe for Environment

    6. Better Future for Children & family


    Kid with organic food

    7. No Nerve Disorders

    8. For Healthy Nation & World

    9. Organic foods are more nutritious

    10. No Cancer

    nocancer                               [Also Read : 7 Cancer facts that you need to know ]

    11. Organic foods are free from toxins

    12. Reduces infections risks

    13. No diabetes


    No diabetes

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    Pavan Kumar Elkoochi

    Is a  Healthcare Evangelist,Writer,Social Thinker,Healthcare Business Analyst Trainer,Mentor –He strongly Believes Health is Wealth  You can Reach him on Pavankumar elkoochi

    How much of your food is organic? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below

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