What to choose, Kidney transplantation or Dialysis this is the first and foremost query that buzzes in the minds of people, while they learn suddenly that they have kidney disease. According to the experts, kidney transplantation is not considered as a last resort, for individuals who meet requirements, it is considered as the best option. However, the lack of kidneys for transplantation makes alternatives like dialysis.

Kidney disease

Treatments available for kidney failure

Basically, two types of treatments are available for kidney failure. One is dialysis and another one is kidney transplantation. It is natural that patients have concern & fears about the treatment.

However, making the precise choice for their health and lifestyle is vital, and should be done considering, what's the best option for the patient's mind.

What is kidney transplantation?

Kidney transplantation is a surgical process, done to replace the patient's unhealthy kidney with other kidney provided by another person. In the United States over 9,000 kidney transplantations carried over each year.

When individual's kidneys fail, two treatment alternatives are made accessible: Dialysis and kidney transplantation.

However, presumably the majority of people who prefer kidney transplant enjoys a high quality of life. Kidney donor can be a deceased or someone who is alive. During the operation, healthy kidney is positioned in the lower abdomen and is linked to patient's bladder & blood vessels. This operation may take around 3 hours & hospital stay may range from 5 to 7 days depending on patient's health conditions.

After the completion of transplantation the patient is given some specific medication to prevent the body from rejecting of the new kidney. Both the treatments dialysis & transplantation need medications. Depending on the patient's lifestyle & medical condition, they will be switched from one treatment to another. An expert nephrologist helps patient in deciding which modality can suit or work for them.

Is Kidney Transplant Good For You?

In a bid to make a determination regarding the kidney transplant treatment, whether this is the best treatment or not, it is suggested to consult people who have previously experienced a kidney transplant.

Patients are required to talk with the doctor and family members as well. No guarantee is given with kidney transplantation. Rejection of organ, may take place shortly and in some cases, the primary cause of kidney failure can harm the new kidney. There exist benefits as well as shortcomings for different types of kidney transplants. Basically, kidney transplantation probably suggested for patients suffering from kidney failure and affected by:

  • Serious, out of control high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Infections
  • Glomerulonephritis

People who choose transplantation have to get medication and supervised by a physician who focuses in nephrologist for the rest of their lives. If an individual kidney fails, they can resume dialysis or think about transplant.

They can also decide to stop treatment. The significant choice of treatment relies on individual's recent health, their capacity to endure surgery and their hopes for maintaining quality of life. Expert suggests, having talks about the options with doctor, transplantation team and family members to decide the best option.

Advantages and Disadvantages of kidney transplantation

The following are the Advantages of kidney transplantation

  • It is just like having own kidney
  • No food or liquid restrictions
  • Dialysis is not required
  • Effective kidney transplant improves quality of life & reduce risk of dying.

The following are the Disadvantages of kidney transplantation

  • May be susceptible to infections
  • Required to take anti-rejection medicines
  • Donated kidney can fail & dialysis may be required
  • Risks of surgery subsume bleeding, infection and damage

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