Does stress can cause cancer

Cortisol, a steroid hormone works as a key player in the body’s stress response and is often measured as an indicator of stress.

The highest levels of cortisol are made in the morning; less is produced during the day, and very little in the evening. Only minimal amounts of cortisol are produced when we sleep. “When our cortisol levels are in balance, we feel calm, cool, and collected all the time.

As a dietitian I am providing diet suggestions to cancer patients, my patients are asking if this doubt can cause cancer to spread faster.

The hormone’s levels should bottom out around midnight, while we were asleep. That’s when our cells can repair, rejuvenate and heal.

Remember if the cortisol levels are still high while sleeping, the body can’t do the healing it needs. As a result, one wakes up feeling fatigued, which raises cortisol.

Does stress cause cancer to spread?

Stress is the main culprit, as it persistently produces cortisol and makes it nearly impossible to bring it down. Sometimes these high chronic cortisol levels can turn into a killer which leads to immune system deficiency and cancer

When a person is stressed, the body makes certain so-called “stress” hormones to deal with it. In various cancers, these stress hormones bind with cancer cells.

This makes it easier for the tumor to grow and to spread cancer. Stress also can weaken the immune system.

That’s why Cortisol is very crucial for the body − in many ways, our endurance depends on it.

High cortisol levels symptoms

1. Weight gain                                  

2. Trouble falling and staying asleep.

3. Increased urination                           

4. Irregular menstrual cycles

5. Mood swings and anxiety                  

6. High blood pressure                        

7. Fatigue and muscle pain                   

8. A decrease in libido

9. Trouble falling and staying asleep.    

10. Increased urination

11. Irregular menstrual cycles.     

10. Excessive thirst.

Meditation || Can Stress Cause Cancer to Spread

Lifestyle tips to lower cortisol levels

1. Getting the right amount of sleep timing, length, and quantity of sleep all influence cortisol.

2. Be physically active.

3.No caffeine at night.

4. Limit exposure to bright light at night.

5. Limit distractions before bed.

6. Have fun and be happy.

7. Learn to relax.

8. Learn to recognize stressful thinking.

9. Maintain healthy relationships.

10. Avoid excess sugar consumption.

11. Meditate for a calm mind.

12. Consider herbal supplements such as ashwagandha, holy basil, and ginseng

13. Dark chocolate, tea, and soluble fiber these foods reduce the Cortisol levels

15. To reduce Cortisol levels avoid excess consumption of sugar.

We need to decrease stress to get normal. Especially, we need to focus on lower cortisol levels in our bodies.

However, the human body is not designed to be under constant stress. Our body naturally lowers cortisol levels during normal times, although situations are increasingly few and far between.

The result is that cortisol continues to flood our bodies and gets out of control. If we want to combat the physical damage stress does, we need to alter our lifestyle to lower cortisol levels.

Written By: Dt. Fatema Malik Khamgaonwala

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