Bananas are rich in nutrients and provide immense benefits to the body. However, there is a common misconception that banana can cause weight gain and increase your waistline.

Contrary to this belief, health experts suggest that bananas although have the good amount of sugar, the total calories it provides is not more than 150 calories per one banana.


Banana and Weight Gain

Nutritionists suggest that the concept of banana making you fat is totally a myth. Generally, it is believed that foods with high amount of carbohydrates and natural sugars have a tendency to increase your weight.

However, the sugars in the bananas are converted into glucose, which provides energy to your body for moving leg, taking a small step or walking. Even brain needs glucose to function in top gear.

Point to Consider

In case your body fails to use the energy produced by eating the banana, then it will automatically be converted into fats. So, it is not the banana you eat but the amount of banana or the total carbohydrate-rich food you eat daily that can decide whether you will gain weight or not.

Exceeding the normal eating limits is sure to make you gain weight even if you eat only one banana. The simple formula to keep the weight down is to burn out the calories you eat or else they will show on your scale.

So there is indeed no cause to worry if you are limiting your intake of banana or any other fatty food as your body needs it for its proper functioning.

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How Many Bananas Should a Person Eat Daily?

The number of bananas you eat daily can vary depending upon your health type. If you are underweight eating one to three bananas daily will not do any harm. However, most health experts suggest eating only one or maximum two bananas every day, which should be the intake of the total number of fruits a person, eats daily.

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