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Exams... May it be for any grade or standard... Brings in a lot of stress especially for the students.

It's pressure, the fear of failure, boredom to study too much Anxiety of questions to be asked, etc. Makes the child too confused and stressed during the examination period. 

This stress makes the child to either eat less or starve or overeat, whatever comforts them more, which can lead to excess weight loss or weight gain in the child leading to further health problems. 

Studying for exams not only brings in stress but it also leads to less physical activity as all the students generally sit in a place for the entire day and study.

So it's really important to monitor the diet in such phase coz we need to feed our brain well without affecting our body's health. 

Healthy eating during exams || Diet Tips During Exams

Below are the few tips to eat right and be healthy during the examination period:

  • Calm down mentally and try to enjoy your studies. This will help you remember better without any stress and anxiety
  • Remove some time to do some meditation and yoga. Such breathing exercises refresh you completely and help relieve all kinds of stress and anxiety. 
  • Have small frequent meals every 2-3 hours in A day including 3 main meals (Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner) and 3 in between small meals. 
  • Prefer using multigrain flour for chapatis or bread or biscuits as it is more nutritious as compared to normal wheat or maida products. 
  • Eat as per your hunger. Don't eat after your tummy is full, else it will lead to excess fat storage in the body, causing an increase in weight. Excess eating at times also induces sleep which can eat up your study time. 
  • Have more of brainy foods and refreshing foods in between like Nuts (Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, dates, roasted chanas etc.), fresh seasonal fruits, milk, or it's products like buttermilk, etc. 
  • This will lower the stress and will help improve the mood and remembering power. 
  • Have Brain stimulating beverages like tea or Coffee only once or twice a day, because too much of it will lead to excess caffeine and tannin content in the blood which affects health in the long run. 
  •  Avoid junk foods like chips, cakes, confectionaries, Wadas, bhajiyas, and so on... As it will do no good in relieving stress or improving the mood and will cause an increase in weight above all.

So guys, eat healthy during exams, as, eating healthy is not only important to maintain weight but it's equally important for your good brain function and performance.

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