Milk has been one of the most important parts of growing up years among children. Almost in all the parts of the world milk and its products like cheese, butter, clarified butter (ghee), cream and yogurt are used to prepare delicacies and introduce healthy nutrients in the daily diet.

Milk Benefits

How Much Milk Should Children Consume Daily

According to the Food Guide Canada, children between the age group of 4 to 8 years should consume at least 2 servings of milk and its alternatives such as yogurt and cheese every day.

Children in between the age group of 9 to 13 years should consume minimum 3 or 4 servings of milk or its products every day.

Benefits of Milk

Milk is loaded with 16 essential nutrients and nourishes your mind as well as body. Children who drink milk get all nutrients due to which they never face any problem during their growing years.

It provides your body with specific nutrients including folate, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and magnesium. It has been found that the overall nutritional status of kids who drink milk is much better than the non-milk drinkers.

It is the main source of vitamin D and calcium and both these nutrients are highly necessary for the building up of bones in children. Since calcium is directly related to the bone health, children drinking it do not face any problem with their teeth or nails. 

Regular intake of it during childhood also helps to keep osteoporosis at bay during adulthood. That is why it is very much important that children should consume it and get the adequate amount of vitamin D and calcium.

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