Here are 10 ways to improve brain power as the brain has the capacity to change known as brain plasticity or neuroplasticity. At any stage from childhood to being an adult, the life of the brain has the ability to be altered or changed.

It is left up to the individual as to how he wants to utilize the powerful tool given to him by nature called the brain that can help him achieve greatness.

10 Ways to Improve Brain Power

Playing Sudoku improves brain power

The brain needs to be kept active to make use of its full potential. 

By following certain ways, brain power can be improved or boosted for better performance.  Some of them are mentioned below:

1-The brain can be stimulated by doing and experiencing something new or spontaneous.By encountering something new, the structure of the brain is changed and increases your intelligence.

Regular exercise can help increase the blood flow to the brain, which increases the cognitive memory. So even if you are not exercising, now is a great time to get started.

2-A good night’s sleep of 7 to 8 hours is essential for the proper functioning of the body and mind.While sleeping, the memories of recently acquired information are firmed up by the brain.This helps in increasing memory.

3-Eating healthy especially eating a healthy breakfast of eggs has shown enhanced performance throughout the day.

4-Brain cells increase swiftly and reduce stress and anxiety levels when thoughts are positive.The number of brain cells is increased when there are reduced negative thoughts.

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5-Use a paper map instead of electronic devices to find your way. This helps in discovering the spatial relationships that you are surrounded with.

6-Limit the use of electronic devices to the bare minimum.The ability to increase your brain power is limited by the constant reliance on phones, computers, and calculators.

7-Read a book to gain more knowledge and information and to increase your curiosity. Reading expands your horizons and lets your imagination run wild.

8-A better memory can be achieved by training and disciplining the brain. This can be done with the help of playing games focussing on memory like Sudoku, chess, PacMan, etc.With this kind of discipline, memory retention is increased.

9-An individual’s daily intellectual performance can be enhanced and improved by working or volunteering.  In most cases, the brain gets a good workout from supervising others and also prevents the risk of dementia during the later part of life.


The takeaway is that the brain is the greatest gift to mankind.It is there for a reason.By thinking positively and adjusting and making better lifestyle choices, one can have a fully functioning brain that has the potential to be put to good use.

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