There are numerous best vitamins for skin. Care of the skin in the best way is highly important as it the most sensitive and the part of the body which displays ones beauty.

Keeping it clean, healthy and moisturized is very important. Or it might lead to acne, dry skin, scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage and other problems. This can be very embarrassing and upsetting as ones skin displays the beauty of the person.

So to find a solution to all these skin problems, here are a few best vitamins for skin which are very essential to maintain flawless skin.


5 Best vitamins for skin :

1. Vitamin A for skin:

Also known as retinol, it is the most extensively used nutrient for healthy and perfect skin. It is generally found in OTC lotions, night creams and specific prescribed products.

It is mostly known for reducing wrinkles, smoothing the roughness and fading brown spots on the skin.

Using of retinoid also gives you a younger looking skin, now who doesn't want that right? Applying the retinoid overnight has proven to give the best results.

2. Vitamin C :

Deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy which leads to dry skin. Known to provide protein collagen it works best for the moisturisation of the skin.

It is generally found in most of the creams, just check the C in the ingredients section of the cream or moisturizer. This helps in smoothening of the skin and reducing brown spots. It also treats sun damaged skin very well. Applying this before your cream in the morning helps in protective the skin from the harm caused by the harmful rays of the sun like UV rays.

3. Zinc essential for the skin :

It is a very essential mineral for the skin which helps in reducing acne, also has inflammatory properties and helps in protecting from the UV rays. It is generally found in dietary supplements which are from animal sources.

Kidney and liver categorized in organs and red meat in beef and lamb also plant sources such as nuts and pumpkin seeds.

4. Vitamin E :

Eases dryness of the skin and moisturizes the skin. It is found in after-sun products, sun blocks and sunscreens. Apply it before going out in the sun or coming out after the sun which will help the skin from the harmful sun rays and keep it safe.

5. Vitamin K :

This mineral is used for younger and brighter skin under the eyes. It is found in eye creams which are meant to reduce dark circles under the eye. It is best to apply in the night and leave it over night for the best results.


Vitamins are used for maintaining the glowing skin and keeping it fresh and healthy. The skin would look wrinkled and dull if there is no proper supply of vitamin to the skin. Therefore it is important that we use products and we eat things that has vitamins and that will help the skin to provide all the necessary nutrients for a refreshed and young one.


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