Manual manipulation of muscle, tendons, connective tissues and ligaments is known as massage therapy. It helps to enhance the well being and health of a person. You will come across several types of massage therapies.

You can opt for massage therapy for multiple reasons such as to relax muscles, to reduce anxiety and stress, to reduce pain, to rehabilitate injuries, promote overall wellness and health. However, only two types of massage therapy exist. These include:massage

  • Relaxation Massage or Swedish massage usually practiced in wellness centers, spas and resorts.
  • Rehabilitative Massage is also known as medical, deep tissue, clinical or therapeutic massage and is practiced in hospitals, clinics and chiropractic offices.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be both gentle and aggressive depending upon the requirement of the patient. It reduces stress, diminishes pain, relax muscles, promote overall wellness, help eliminate toxic body waste and move body fluids.

Other prominent benefits of massage therapy are :

1.Improved sleep patterns 2.Improved circulation 3.Experience of comfort 4.Increased vitality and energy 5.Improved mood 6.Reduction in anger, anxiety and depression

How is Massage Therapy Carried Out?

You can book massage therapy online, who uses touch and pressure on the body to loosen you up and make feel relaxed, especially after going through a stressful moment. 

Therapists ask the patients about the medical history, symptoms and the desired results and try to evaluate the pain by touching or locating the pain or tense areas and then decide the amount of pressure to be applied during the massage. The patient usually is asked to undress or wear loose fitting dress to cover the body except on the area that is to be massaged.

Depending upon the type of massage therapy, the therapists can use essential aromatic oils, lotions or medicinal/herbal solutions on the skin to provide relief to the patient.


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