• Agni karma in Ayurveda is an ancient therapy.
  • Agni-karma or Tau-dam helps humans with various health troubles like liver, stomach, backache and other major health problems.
  • Its benefits are numerous and have a wide positive effect with permanent results on the body.
  • Agnikarma is termed as therapeutic burns or cauterization. It is a famous Himalayan therapy practiced by the Himalayan people.

It is practiced by the older age group in the Himalayan area. As per 2002 scientist reports, this therapy cured many individuals and mainly practiced by ancient people and is mentioned in Ayurveda as Agnikarma.

  • Tau therapy is compulsorily practiced among 06 months to 1-year old children to make them healthy and strong.
  • Tau is a rod with a 45-60 cm long iron rod which contains one or two holes depending on the type of disease. The rod is burned until it gets redder and placed on the affected body part for a few seconds and massage with mustard or olive oil.

  • The dam is a technique used with Terminalia chebula or Anaphalis araneosa seeds which are burned and placed on the necessary body part for a few seconds and massaged with olive or mustard oil.
  • It is stated that April month is the perfect time to get Agnikara therapy as it is an appropriate time for vata, pitta and kapha treatment.

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