A breast ultrasound uses sound waves to make a picture of the tissues inside the breast. A bosom ultrasound can demonstrate all regions of the breast, including the zone closest to the midsection divider, which is difficult to study with a mammogram. Breast ultrasound does not utilize X-rays or other possibly hurtful sorts of radiation.

A breast ultrasound may be carried out to:

  • Find the reason for breast symptoms, for example, pain, swelling, and redness.
  • Check a breast knot found on bosom examination toward oneself or physical examination. It is utilized to see whether a bosom irregularity is liquid filled (a growth) or on the off chance that it is a robust knot. A knot that has no liquid or that has liquid with gliding particles may require more tests.
  • Check abnormal results from a mammogram.
  • Look at the breasts in more youthful ladies in light of the fact that their breast tissue is regularly thicker, and a mammogram may not indicate as much detail.
  • Guide the situation of a needle or other tube to empty an accumulation of liquid (cyst) or discharge (abscess), take a specimen of breast tissue (biopsy), or aide bosom surgery
  • Watch for changes in the measure of a growth or a noncancerous knot (fibroadenoma).
  • See how far cancer has spread in a breast.
  • Check your breasts in the event that you have silicone breast inserts or thick breasts. In these circumstances, a mammogram will be unable to see breast lumps.

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