Can Garlic Help to Lower Cholesterol?

Can Garlic Help to Lower Cholesterol?


The answer to this question is in YES as well as a NO.

Why is High cholesterol consider Dangerous?  

First of all high cholesterol in the blood is considered bad and should be kept under check because it can raise one’s chances of stroke and heart attack.

When it comes to cholesterol, consumption of garlic is often a highlighted topic of discussion. Let us discuss both `for’ and `against’ theories related to garlic in this post.

How Does Garlic Help?

Numerous theories and discussions have proved that the intake of garlic can improve cholesterol conditions in humans.

There are many studies that prove that garlic consumed in raw form can lower CVD risk.

Those who consumed garlic regularly showed decreased LDL-C and triglyceride levels.

Consuming half to one clove daily may lower cholesterol levels by about 10%.

Garlic can be consumed raw as a supplement

It can be used in cooking

On the other hand, there are alternate theories doing the rounds which do accept and acknowledge benefits of including garlic in one’s diet but they believe that the effects and results last short term. Meaning garlic may reduce LDL cholesterol but only for a limited span of time. And that garlic may not be as beneficial as it has been believed to offer.


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