From generations together, certain beauty and health rituals keep on being passed down which is why the knowledge of herbs and therapies is still intact despite the fact that many such remedies have not been put on the paper.

Using cucumber for cooling eyes is an age-old remedy and is used quite often for removing puffiness around the eyes. Almost everyone knows about the effect of cucumber although however there are few who really put to use this remedy.

Science Fact Related to Cucumber's Effect on Eyes

According to a health expert, the puffiness and irritation around the eyes are due to the accumulation of lymphatic fluid.

Using cucumber for cooling and massaging with an eye cream drains the excess of accumulated fluid and helps to get relief from such problems.

It is considered very useful in giving you relief from irritation, swelling, and irritation. This wonderful vegetable is full of flavonoids and antioxidants that work aggressively to reduce irritation.

The best effect is possible by chilling the cucumbers and then using them on the eyes.

Using chilled cucumbers help because the cooler temperature leads to evaporation giving the eyes a soothing and cooler feeling. You should use the chilled cucumber slices for at least four to five minutes.

Some Other Facts about Cucumber

Cucumber causes mild and subtle skin lightening effects. That is the reason why it is also used for treating under eye dark circles. With the lightening effect of cucumber, you can also make your eyes appear glowing and youthful.

It is also packed with caffeic acid and ascorbic acid that reduces the water retention in the eye muscles thereby reducing the puffiness and swelling around your eyes.

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