what is the best time to eat dry fruits

Updated: 04-01-2024

Author: Dietitian : Hetal Mehta 

We all know dry fruits are healthy food, But we don't know exactly  what is the  best time to eat dry fruits,

you get a solution from this post 

There is a long-term myth of an increase in fat levels when consumed regularly with dry fruits and nuts. But, it is false. Dry fruits and nuts are packed with high nutrient levels and are considered as the nutrition powerhouse by many nutrition experts.

There are variety of ways and the best time to eat dry fruits and nuts in our daily routine. Dry fruits are not only packed with nutrition values but are very good source of proteins, minerals, vitamins, calcium, antioxidants, folate and other much needed healthy components.

Best time to eat dry fruits and nuts:

Eating dry fruits doesn't have either a good or bad time. But, to squeeze the maximum health benefits of dry fruits it is suggested to eat early in the mornings.

The best time to eat dry fruits and nuts is a regular morning. They can be eaten to boost energy at pre-lunch snacks and post-lunch evening snacks to keep the stomach filled.


Breakfast | Morning : 

Almonds either soaked or raw almonds, don't prefer fried almonds, Figs 

Snacks | Evening :

Pistachios, Pine Nuts, Cashew (Kaju), and Walnuts (akhrot ) (walnuts can be eaten 2 hours before any meal)

Dinner | Night :

At night time prefer light meals and easy digestive foods always, so if you have any sleeping-related disorders then drink warm milk with almonds. Milk with almonds are good for heart health and gives good sleep 

Important Points : How to eat dry fruits?

  • Soak almonds overnight, remove the peel, and eat them early in the morning.
  • Consume raw dry fruits in the form of snacks throughout the day.
  • It is better to avoid eating dry fruits late at night.
  • Walnuts are recommended to eat before sleep.
  • These can be eaten as evening snacks.
  • These are generally added to various desserts.
  • Make tasty and healthy recipes with dry fruits and nuts.
  • Nuts are considered a significant choice in everyone's diet.
  • Dry fruits and nuts are the best food replacement for people following healthy diet plans.
  • Another awesome way to intake dry fruits is in the form of liquids by adding them in milk, shakes, smoothies, or any other liquid foods.
  • Pregnant women should consume dry fruits every day without fail to maintain healthy body conditions for both mother and baby.

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How much dry fruits and nuts you should eat?

Though it is a very good source of health improvement, it should be consumed in moderate quantities every day.

If dry fruits and nuts are eaten excessively, it may damage health leading to several severe health risks and this even depends on avoiding night consumption as it is not the best time to eat dry fruits and nuts. Here is the sugar content percentage per dry fruit.

  • Raisins - 59%
  • Dates - 64%
  • Prunes - 38%
  • Apricots - 53%
  • Figs - 84%

Benefits of eating Dry Fruits


Quantity of Dry fruits intake per day:

  • Almonds: 5 - 7 pieces
  • Walnuts: 3 - 4 halves
  • Dates: 1 - 2 medium size
  • Pista: 15 - 20 grams
  • Peanuts: 8 - 10 nuts

Benefits of Dry fruits and nuts

Dry fruits have the capability of healing various minor and major health conditions if eaten regularly. You may choose any of the best times to eat dry fruits and nuts all over the day but it has amazing infinite health benefits which are listed below.

Dry fruits and nuts can prevent and control cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, heart diseases, skin diseases, digestive problems, etc.


Never miss-Quick tips to get rid of a few health conditions:

  • Figs for constipation
  • Almonds for high blood pressure and help to protect our skin from sunburn and suntan 
  • Pistachios or pista for Diabetics
  • Cashew nuts for gallstones and brain booster
  • Dates for heart diseases
  • Raisins for weight loss
  • Peanuts for Heart Health
  • Walnuts for fighting inflammations

Dry fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, hope now you understand more about " what is the best time to eat dry fruits "


Consult an expert dietitian for more details about dry fruits and other doubts: WhatsApp : 9398601060

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