We all know that a healthy diet is a key secret for a healthy body and mind. The main thing is that many of us do not know what items they should include in their diet chart in order to get a well to need a healthy body.

We are all familiar with the umbrella-shaped yummy mushrooms. But not many of us really know about the secrets that the mushrooms contain regarding our health. Doctors say that mushroom contains some of the most effective natural medicines that are available on the planet.

There are almost 140,000 species of these mushrooms. However, we are familiar with only a few of them say around ten percent. Hundreds of the species of the mushrooms are studied for their ability to promote health benefits. Many of them just boost up the immune system of the human body. Naturally occurring mushroom are good for health.

Benefits from Mushrooms

A recent journal by FASEB has shown the result of nine studies on mushrooms and their effect on human health. Following are some of the highlights of the journal:

Health benefits of mushroom include

Weight management:

The study shows that if red meat is substituted by white mushrooms there can be a high chance to manage the weight of the body. One cup of mushrooms daily improves the composition of the body resulting in weight loss.

Vitamin D:

The study showed that a regular consumption of mushroom improves the level of vitamin D in the body. No more need to take supplements for vitamin D2 and D3 if you include mushroom in your diet.

Improvement in nutrition:

Mushroom is a naturally occurring fungus and hence is high in nutrients.

Strengthens immune system:

beta and alpha glucan helps the mushrooms to affect your immune system in a positive way.

So needless to say that if a cup of mushroom is added in your diet chart it can give you a desired toned and healthy body.

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