Mustard oil is known for its typical pungent flavor and is one of the most popular and healthy oil used in cooking and beauty rituals. It contains 60% of MUFA or monounsaturated fats, 12% saturated fatty acids and 60% polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Clinically, doctors advise use of unsaturated fatty acids as these provide good fats to the body and do not lead to plaque or deposition builds up within the arteries. Similarly, it is equally useful in maintaining the luster of your skin and giving it a healthy glow.

Uses of Mustard oil

Detoxification through Mustard Oil

Observations have revealed that when you massage mustard oil on the skin, it helps clear the toxins from the body by detoxification process.

During the massage, the oil opens up the pores of the skin, induces the sweat glands to perspire more and thus prevents the pore clogging.

This on the other hand promotes the process of detoxification process thereby flushing out the impurities within the skin.

With the impurities out, your skin breathes and is exposed to natural oxygen very much necessary for proper blood circulation and providing glow to your skin.

Regular consumption along with ingestion of mustard oil work both ways and moisturizes the skin making it supple, clear and beautiful in the long run.

Prevents Aging

Mustard oil contains vitamin E that prevents the premature aging of the skin and keeps skin issues such as wrinkles, crow's feet and dark circles at bay.

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The dark texture of mustard oil triggers off proper blood circulation thereby lightening the scars and skin color.

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