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You become what you eat and think. Hence, it is up to you what food to provide for your thoughts as well as your body, you should be very particular about what you consume daily to maintain a diet for good health.

Here are some of the ways of doing that:

Key points to maintain diet for good health

  • You must never overload your body with extra calories or you stand a chance of being obese, which can further lead to harmful diseases such as heart problems, hypertension, and diabetes.
  • Eating calories in the right amount helps you to balance the energy you use, and consume, and makes you feel active and energetic all day through.
  • Beverages are the major culprits behind obesity. Hence, you must always watch several soft drinks and alcohol you consume and should keep away from them. Drinking natural drinks like coconut water or orange juice is much better.

Did You Know

According to health experts, an adult man should eat around 2,500 calories per day while adult women should not eat 2000 calories per day.

If you eat more than the recommended calories, you are bound to become obese.

  • Another key rule is that you should include a wide range of foods in your diet so that your body gets the supply of diverse nutrients essential for carrying out various body functions.

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Basic Tips for Planning Meal

Starch is Must

Include one-third of starch foods in your daily diet. Foods rich in starch include pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, and cereals.

More often, people stop eating starch completely because they add calories or are fattening.

But the carbohydrate they provide is essential and hence you must eat at least one starch per meal.

Lots of Vegetables and Fruits

Health experts recommend including at least five portions of vegetables and fruits of different types daily in our diet for good health.

You can plan it this way: one glass of unsweetened natural fruit juice, a raw salad of chopped vegetables, a banana for breakfast, and a fresh fruit for brunch.

Other Inclusions

Including two portions of fish weekly as it is rich in proteins, especially the only one so that you get the goodness of omega-3 fats is recommended.

Some such fish include sardines, fresh tuna, trout, salmon, herring, plaice, and mackerel.

Last but not least cutting down on both sugar and saturated fat is very much important.

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