How Sulphur is used in Homeopathy

How Sulphur is used in Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a strong line to treat several problems but it is not useful in all the stages of a disease. Sulphur is one of the leading elements that are used in homeopathy to treat several problems.

It is used in treating a wide variety of symptoms. Homeopathy therapy runs on the statement of like cures. It is generally used in cases of skin problems that are often moist and itchy in nature.

Like magnesium, Sulphur is also an essential component of the cell in the human body and helps in the proper mechanism. Low level of this element in human body leads to eating disorders. People with low level of sulphur are often seen carving for sweets, spicy food, beer, alcohol etc. Sleepless nights and diarrhea are also experienced in some cases.

Advantages of Sulphur:

It is one of the most frequent elements used in drugs in homeopathy treatment.

  • Sulphur is recommended for the patients suffering from weight gain, chest pain, hot flushes, canine eczema and arthritic pains.
  • This element is also useful in cases of allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue symptom, diarrhea, migraine, hemorrhoids, back pains, gout, menopause flushes, pneumonia, rhinitis, depression, constipation, conjunctivitis and much more.
  • Gastric complaints like peptic ulcers, gastritis and heartburn are also treated by it.
  • When a person lacks this element, insomnia is a common symptom.

Thus we can see that it is a very important part in the homeopathic treatment and is used in making drugs for several diseases.

Disadvantages :

With the advantages of sulphur comes disadvantages also. It is not necessary that homeopathy medicine suits everyone.

  • Skin allergies are seen in several cases.
  • Burning and itching with red spots on the skin are also experienced sometimes. Overdose can be one of the reasons for such side effects.

Medication should be taken in consultation with the doctors.

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