How to Brush Your Teeth Naturally -Written By-Dr.Kadiyala Vamsi Krishna,B.D.S(Sr.Dentist)

How to Brush Your Teeth Naturally -Written By-Dr.Kadiyala Vamsi Krishna,B.D.S(Sr.Dentist)


Chemically prepared toothpaste may leave your mouth fresh and odor-free, but the sugar and other chemical content in many types of toothpaste can cause side effects in the end.

Instead, if you shift your choices to natural ways of brushing just as our ancestors used to do, you are guaranteed to get good results sans any side effects. Here are some of the fantastic teeth cleaning and whitening remedies that are natural and effective:


Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

This combination has been used to whiten teeth for a long time. For good results, mix equal measures of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a small amount. Use this paste to brush your teeth just as you regularly do.

Hydrogen peroxide is a known anti-bacterial agent that is just wonderful as a gum cleaner and keeps your mouth free from germs. Since baking soda is gritty like sandpaper, you should ensure that the paste formed is soft and runnier.

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Use Sea Salt to brush your Teeth

Sea salt is considered a good option for cleaning teeth. The method is too simple. Just dab a bit of sea salt on the brush and do the brushing as usual. To avoid abrasion you can dissolve salt in the water and then use it for brushing.

Coconut Oil for Mouth Cleaning

Coconut oil is considered one of the best natural options for brushing teeth. This oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties due to which coconut oil effectively eliminates all the cavity-causing bacteria and other germs from the mouth. You can use coconut oil along with other ingredients such as baking soda or sea salt.

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