How To Control Blood Sugar Naturally and Fast ?

How To Control Blood Sugar Naturally and Fast ?


Many people find it difficult to monitor their blood sugar levels. Instead of taking appropriate measures, they are worried about it more. And stress tends to affect your level of blood sugar. So how do one control blood sugar naturally?

Here are a few measures that if followed can go a long way in keeping your sugar levels under control.

Control blood sugar naturally || Control blood sugar naturally

Step by Step Way Control Blood Sugar Naturally

1.Cutting Down on Carbohydrates

A low carbohydrate diet helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels. The foods that are rich in carbohydrates include starchy produce such as grains, root vegetables, legumes, and rice.

Naturally, the derivatives of these products such as sushi, French fries, lentil soup, pasta, bread, and mashed yams come under the category of carbohydrate-rich foods. 

Cutting down the intake of these carbs and including more amounts of dark fruits such as berries, lean meats, nuts, leafy greens can have an amazing effect on blood sugar control.

It is not necessary to consume grains always. You can minimize the inclusion of grains and other starchy foods and still gain all the nutrients that are needed by your body.

2.Spreading Out The Carbs Effectively

Although you cannot completely exclude carbs from your diet, you can ensure that you eat them in small portions all through the day. To control blood sugar naturally, it is important that the balance of various nutrients in every meal be maintained.

For example, if you want to eat an apple, you must eat a few slices at a time instead of one whole apple, which can raise your blood sugar levels. Eating it slice by the slice all through the day will not cause a spike in sugar.

3.Exercise Is Must

Exercise has both short-term and long-term benefits in keeping the glucose levels under control. Regular exercise helps to burn body glucose in the end. When you exercise, your blood sugar levels immediately come down. You can try to get some light exercises such as bicycle ride, brisk walk for 20 minutes and even weight lifting, but under the guidance of a certified trainer.

Studies have shown that strength training exercises although increase your blood sugar levels temporarily, in the long run, they help to build up particular kind of muscles in the body that efficiently burn the glucose even when you are not doing the workout.

You can try to get pilates training online or some light exercises such as bicycle ride, brisk walk for 20 minutes, and even weight lifting, but under the guidance of a certified trainer.

4.Selecting Beverages

Drinking unsweetened tea, black, white, or even green tea helps to lower and control blood sugar naturally. Many people also use green tea supplements to lower blood sugar levels. 

Unlike beer, which due to its high carbohydrate content tends to increase sugar levels, a red wine actually brings down the glucose levels. It prevents the absorption of glucose via the intestines.

It should be noted that wine intake brings down the blood sugar for a very short period and hence it must be taken in a small amount. Long-term use can lead to a build-up of liver fat.

5.Cinnamon Pills

Cinnamon is highly effective in reducing blood sugar; however, postmenopausal women should not take it. The best way to get positive results includes taking it in capsule form.

6.Fenugreek Powder

Fenugreek lowers the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. You can take fenugreek in powder form or capsule form. However, since it is a laxative, you should not take it too much.

7.Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps control blood sugar levels in both types of diabetes, Type II, and I. You can drink it directly, a couple of tablespoons daily, or also takes its extract, which is easy to tolerate. However, Apple cider vinegar may take a bit more time to show the desired result, and hence, it should be used more as a preventive measure to control blood sugar naturally.

Apple Cider Vinegar || Apple Cider Vinegar

8.Live Stress-free Life to control blood sugar naturally

Stressful situations cause the body to release hormones that raise blood sugar levels. To curb down the stress levels, you must try relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation.

9.Get Adequate Sleep

Good sleep lowers the resistance of the body towards insulin. When you do not get enough sleep, the blood sugar levels increase. It is a sort of a vicious cycle, if you do not sleep properly, your glucose levels will increase, and if your blood glucose is high, you will not be able to sleep.

So, you need to manage your sleeping patterns and ensure that you get the required amount of sleep.

If you follow these basic tips, it would be easier for you to control blood sugar naturally. and consult the best doctor or your physician to manage diabetes easily 

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  • S m Abdullah
    3 years ago
    Sir my fasting suger is 156 how can i control by curtailing in diet my age is 51 yrs male please help me to control

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