Every girl steps into womanhood after their first period. Hence, there should be high level of personal hygiene during their menstruation time. Here are the precautions during periods to be followed to live a peaceful and relaxed period days.

Steps to keep you hygiene during periods:

  • Choose your sanitation method as per your comfort.Using RestRoom every 3 hours
  • Change your sanitary regularly.
  • Use only one type of sanitary method at a time.
  • Give enough rest to your body.
  • Eat well with proper diet.
  • Include Iron and protein rich food in your meals.
  • Choose the limited exercise in the menstruation days.
  • Clean your private parts well to avoid infections.
  • Beware of the rashes occurred due to not changing for overtime.
  • Bath twice a day.
  • Keep separate clothes for periods to avoid more stress.
  • Discard used sanitary in proper way to avoid any sort of infections or bacteria.
  • Grasp the idea of sanitary methods available in the market and use according to the daily routine.
  • Listen to your body condition and act accordingly.

Why should we maintain hygiene during periods?

Women are always protective and keep their mensuration time secrete and many people don’t even care or prefer to talk about the hygiene and precautions during periods to lead safe and comfort periods.

This is the reason why many of women are suffering from infections, period complications, period cramps, etc. If a woman follows these steps, they can live a safe and clean periods.

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Best Yoga Poses during mensuration time:

If you can avoid, then it is preferred to avoid major Yoga asanas atleast for first 2 days of periods to not suffer cramps or other body pains. Here is the list of Yoga Asanas which are safe and suggested by Yoga Specialist’s in keeping mind the precautions during periods.

Yoga Asanas to Practice during periods:

  • Child poseBalasana
  • Standing Forward Fold
  • Knee-to-chest pose
  • Cat / Cow pose
  • Shavasan
  • Cobbler’s Pose / Baddha Konasana

Yoga Asanas to avoid during periods:

  • Inversions as handstand, headstand, shoulder stand, and others.
  • Extreme Postures such as backbends, arm balancing, extreme twists, stress on abdomen regions and more.
  • Surya namaskar should be avoided when having excess bleeding or cramps.

General tips to get rid of mensurational cramps and maintain hygiene during periods:

  • Always choose to take more rest than usual days.
  • Meditate early morning to get rid of stress and relief yourself from strain.
  • Choose easy and simple exercise which includes arm, leg, and hand warm up exercises.
  • Take regular bath and live hygiene.
  • Follow the precautions during periods to have safe and peace periods.
  • Do not strain your body to much.

Personal hygiene is always mandatory for every human. But, when it comes to women, there should be extra care on special days such as during periods. Every girl should take precautions during periods to be hygiene and be away from infections. Here are few tips for precautions during periods.

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