Even if you are a health buff who is all about smart eating and regular exercising, come Friday night and all of us take the guards down. Be it bringing on unhealthy junk foods or dumping the exercise routine, weekends are just the opposite of what we do on the weekdays. And this mostly occurs because we do not plan the weekends properly.

Enjoy a Healthy WeekendLast minute arrangements can never be appropriate and can disturb your healthy routine. So, what is the way out so you can enjoy a healthy weekend?

1.Plan Activities in Advance

It is not just the place that you should plan, but you must dig out detailed information about the place, the activities that you can do there and of course the weather conditions.

For example, if you are going to a place known for beaches and scintillating views, think of carrying your swimming costumes, fishing and snorkeling gear (you can rent at the spot too) and also a good camera should you love to take some clicks of the picturesque surroundings. In this way, you will have lots to do when you reach the place that will keep you engaged and active.

2.What do the Weather Conditions Permit?

Places with waterfall, streams and hilly areas attract more tourists in the rainy season when the waterfalls and streams run in all their full glory and the hilltops are covered with green foliage. And the places at higher elevations are best visited during summer when the ice has melt and the beauty of the flora uncovers.

So, it is advisable to check the weather conditions prior to planning to ensure healthy weekend plan. Moreover, it will help you to take clothes accordingly. For example, if it is raining there, keeping a raincoat or an umbrella is advisable. Similarly, if the place is chilling, you must pack in sweaters and cardigans.

3.What about Food and Water for Healthy Weekends?

Surprisingly when it comes to checking about the place, we are never serious about healthy eating. Rather more emphasis is on places that serve special dishes and cocktails. The internet is full of information about eating joints that offer healthy eating options, both veg. and non-veg. Just explore a bit more and get some details about such places where they offer healthy meals and dinners and check out their timings. Or else you will end up reaching at the wrong time and will have to choose an unhealthy option to satisfy your hunger.

Most of the countries offer chlorinated tap water, which is good enough for health. However, if you have an allergy towards chlorine, you can always buy mineral water that is easily available at local restaurants, airports, and hotels.

4.Make a Health Checkup

If you have a health condition, just do a routine checkup prior to leaving home as a precaution. Ask for prescriptions to be taken during emergencies. Your GP might be having some piece of advice for you to be followed during your weekend holiday. Just follow that, and make sure that you have some contacts of nearby hospitals or nursing centers with you in case of an emergency.

Last but not the least, always keep your first aid kit with you, do not drink and drive and just avoid treading on unhealthy options so you can enjoy a healthy weekend.

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