Pregnancy is a golden period in every woman's life. However, it brings some changes in the body and also emotionally which can cause disruption in normal sex life. The first concern is whether sex is safe during pregnancy.

According to health experts, sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe. It is because the penis of your partner cannot penetrate beyond the limits of the vagina. Hence, it does not disturb the position of the baby in any way.

However, women tend to have a lower sex drive during pregnancy due to certain symptoms. All these are brought in by hormonal changes. Women normally experience all or few of these symptoms including nausea, overwhelming fatigue, and vomiting. In the presence of these symptoms, women may lose her desire to have sex. On the other hand in some cases, pregnant women rather crave for more sex. 

Sex During Pregnancy Perfectly Safe in Uncomplicated Conditionssex during pregnancy

When women are pregnant, men find it greatly disturbing whether to have sex or not. They just are not sure whether to have sex during pregnancy or not. Some fear that it will hurt the baby or their partner. According to Dayna Salasche, MD, an obstetrician at the Northwestern Specialists for Women in Chicago and an associate professor of gynecology/obstetrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine sex is completely safe during pregnancy for women with uncomplicated or low-risk pregnancies. Dayna says that some people enjoy sex more during pregnancy and some enjoy it less.

Trimester-wise Guide For Sex During Pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses, a woman might experience Braxton Hicks contractions in which your womb muscles suddenly go hard. But there is nothing to fear and you can try regular relaxation technique until the contraction passes away. In the first trimester, pregnant woman mostly does not have much desire for sex because they feel nauseous and tired. However, they start feeling better during the second trimester. According to Monica Foreman, MD and an obstetrician at the Bronx, N.Y, Montefiore Medical Center there is more lubrication and engorgement in the genital area during the second trimester making the penetration process easier. She says that this makes sex during pregnancy in the second trimester more satisfying and appealing. And during this stage, the stomach of women is not fully rounded yet making sex fairly comfortable despite pregnancy. In the third semester, as the stomach grows and women start experiencing fatigue, they tend to lose interest in sex. According to Salasche, the egg is surrounded by a pillow and another pillow in mother's womb and hence sex can in no way hurt the baby. Rather she believes that it makes them feel better.

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When Should You Avoid Sex During Pregnancy?

Generally, doctors or midwives advise avoiding sex during pregnancy if a woman suffers from heavy bleeding as sex further can cause an increase in bleeding. The possibility increases in case of hematoma (blood collection) or if the placenta is low. Also, a woman must avoid sex if the waters have broken i.e. membranes have ruptured as it can lead to infection.

Sex Positions during Pregnancy

No one position is good or bad for a couple. Depending upon the condition of the pregnant woman the couple can decide the exact comfortable position for having sex during pregnancy. However, most couples prefer lying on the sides as it puts less pressure on the bump. 

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