Statistics show that the rate of teenage pregnancy has increased by 57% from the year 1992 with an average of 4% increment every year. Studies clear that one-third of the total girls in the US get pregnant at an early age. At an average half of them have not even completed their high school.

More than seven billion dollars are spent by the US annually for caring for the teenage mother and her child. Now the real concern is whether teenage pregnancy is safe for both the mother and the child or not.

There are many disadvantages a teenage mother has to face on a social level such as social isolation, stress, maltreatment including a low education level. It is very hard for them to be a responsible mother without a proper support.

Is Teenage Pregnancy Safe for Health?

The risk in Teenage Pregnancy:

1. For Teenage Mother 

  • Experts say that there are fewer chances of a teenage mother to gain weight during pregnancy and hence resulting in child's low weight. This low weight can be an invitation to various disorders and disabilities. Many complications like respiratory problems, intestinal problems and even bleeding in the brain may arise.

  • Eating disorders are also a common problem in teenage pregnancy than that in a pregnancy of older women. Lack of proper nutrition hampers the health of both the mother and the infant.

  • Sometimes due to social negligence, a teenage girl does not get a prenatal care which is very essential to examine the growth and health of the baby resulting in major complications.

2. For the chill

  • Health is not the only issue for these children. A child born to a teenage mother faces many social tantrums, negligence, and abuse which may lead the child to depression.

  • Lack of proper care and nutrition often affects their health and also their academics.

  • Low prenatal care can result in poor health and disabilities in a child.

Teenage pregnancy is not a good option for a mother and the child. However, the government is now providing support and education to such young parents.

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