Know about the Purpose and use of Urinalysis test

Know about the Purpose and use of Urinalysis test

Urinalysis is a test that assesses a specimen of your urine. It is utilized to discover and survey an extensive variety of clutters, for example, urinary tract disease, kidney infection, and diabetes.

It includes inspecting the appearance, fixation, and substance of pee. Unusual urine test results may indicate an ailment or disease. For instance, a urinary tract disease can make pee look overcast rather than clear. Expanded levels of protein in pee can be an indication of kidney illness.

Purpose and use of Urinalysis test

Urine test is a common test that's done for several reasons:

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  • To assess your overall health: Your doctor may recommend urine test as part of a routine medical exam, pregnancy checkup, pre-surgery preparation, or on hospital admission to screening for a variety of disorders, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease.
  • To diagnose a medical conditionYour doctor may suggest urinalysis if you're experiencing abdominal pain, back pain, frequent or painful urination, blood in your urine or other urinary problems. A urine test may help diagnose the cause of these symptoms.
  • To monitor a medical conditionIf you've been diagnosed with a medical condition, such as kidney disease or urinary tract disease, your doctor may recommend urinalysis on a regular basis to monitor your condition and treatment.

Other tests, such as pregnancy testing and drug screenings, also may require a sample of urine.

Prior to test

If your urine is being tested only for urinalysis, you can eat and drink normally before the test. If you're having other tests at the same time, you may need to fast for a certain amount of time before the test.

Many drugs, including nonprescription medications and supplements, can affect the results of a urinalysis. Before a urine test, tell your doctor about any medications, vitamins or other supplements you're taking.

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