Side Effects of Chemicals in Beauty Products

Side Effects of Chemicals in Beauty Products

The age-old theory that beauty is skin deep has been long proven wrong especially after the introduction of a vast range of beauty and makeup products. Although the instant effect these products are beautiful, the after effect can be devastating.

As a rule, you lather, slather, rub and spray different types of products on your body every day. A human skin absorbs all these applications of beauty products eagerly like a sponge.

Chemicals such as Phthalates found in cosmetics and other beauty products

A general study has revealed that in this way you are exposed to around 130 different chemicals every day.

Although, the cosmetic companies, as well as the FDA, maintains that the chemicals in these products are safe and they are safe but only in small doses. When you continue to use the chemical loaded products for days and months together it starts affecting your body slowly and can cause serious health issues.

Chemicals used in beauty products can cause sperm damage, birth defects, feminization of the baby boys and infertility in the long run.

Chemicals that can cause side effects include:

DEA, MEA, TEA are the three chemicals that are known to disrupt the hormonal functions and introduce cancer-causing agents in the body. Research also has indicated that these three chemicals, Diethanolamine, Monoethanolamine and Triethanolamine are directly linked to kidney and liver cancer. These chemicals are commonly used in facial cleansers, bubble baths, soaps and shampoos.

Parabens and Phthalates in beauty products

The European Union bans these two chemicals in Europe since 2003. Parabens are used commonly in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and preservatives. These two chemicals keep fungus and bacteria away from hairsprays, perfume and nail polish. Both these chemicals have been found to have a direct to carcinogenic agents especially breast cancer.

Color Pigments and Food Colors

Most of the color pigments as well as the food colors used in foods are prepared from coal tar and have been found to be carcinogenic. Most of these agents are known to cause irritation and increase the skin sensitivity and some food-coloring agents are known to cause depletion for presence in the blood.

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