I always fantasize about having thick and beautiful hair. Luckily my hair fall problem is solved. By using this platform (

I am now sharing my solutions and remedies with you. If you are going bald and expecting re-growth of hair then this article is absolutely for you.

Here, now 2 types of Solutions for thick and beautiful hair:

beautiful hair

  • Tea Water -This act as an amazing remedy for hair fall. Your scalp acquires strength and the roots of the hair become strong which, thereby results in a reduction of hair fall

  •  solution: Take 2 tablespoons of tea powder (without extra adding’s) mix it in boiling water. Boil it for 10 minutes and then let it get cooled (do not refrigerate).Now apply it to the scalp and wash it after 20 minutes with Lukewarm water and shampoo your hair the very next day. Do this twice in a week.?

  • Kill The DandruffDandruff not only causes hair fall but also leads to pimples. Let’s solve this problem with fruits. solution: Take 1 apple and orange fruits. Juice them and make sure that you remove the seeds out of them.
  • Now apply the filtered juice to your hair and wash it after 20 minutes. It not only removes dandruff but also smells like heaven. Repeat this twice in a week.

Here, now Tips for thick and beautiful hair:

  • Oiling Your Hair -It is equally important along with the above two tips. Don’t massage your hair vigorously. It can damage the roots. Just oil your hair an hour before you take head bath.

  • It’s not necessary that you oil up your hair for days together.Every brand is same. It’s a myth that hair grows better with particular branded oil.

  • Avoid Hair styling products- Trust me they cause a great damage to hair especially when your hair is brittle and damaged. Try to avoid them as much as possible.


If these home remedies are not working then it’s time to meet a doctor. It means that you are suffering from some deficiencies in your body and you need to regain it.

Deficiencies leading to hair fall may be:

1. Hormonal Imbalance

2. Thyroid Problem

3. Vitamins Deficiency(c, b12 etc)

4. Ferritin levels

Make sure you consult a dermatologist or a nutritionist as soon as possible.

We have very good nutritionists whom you can trust and they help you to regain your hair and solve your hair fall problem within short time effectively.

It’s time to “FLAUNT YOUR HAIR”.

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Nikhila Reddy.

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