Top 10 Tips to improve your memory

Top 10 Tips to improve your memory

Forgetting things?Do you want to improve your memory without any medication?Improving your memory is easier by following tipsHealthy relationship.Memory is the personnel of the psyche by which data is encoded, put away, and recovered. Memory is essential to understanding. Without memory, we are not us. On the off chance that we couldn't recollect past occasions, we couldn't learn or create dialect, connections, nor individual character.

1.Be Socially active:

Healthy relationship stimulates our brain keep maintaining good relationships and happy to improve your memory.

2. Laugh :

It activates brain areas vital to learning and creativity.laugh

3. Keep everything in its place:

If you keep important things like Keys in the same place.

4. Make notes:

When you find it difficult to remember, just write it down.

5. Use sensory data:

Use auditory or visual senses to remember a person or experience.

6. Eat right & drink a right way:

Your brain needs a lot of fuel, mainly the omega-3 fatty acids and drink six to eight glasses of water a day.Meditation to improve your brain power

7. Meditate:

Meditation improves focus, concentration, creativity, learning and reasoning skills .it is believed to encourage connections between neurons which increase mental sharpness.

8. Think positive:

Attempt and understand negative musings and try to supplant them with positive ones

9. Aerobic exercise:

It gets the heart pumping more blood to the brain, which appears to reverse cellular deterioration associated with aging.

10. Involve in your hobby:

Whatever you like to do as your hobby try to involve in that.

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