In these hot sunny days are you got used to Air Conditioners? Be aware of Disadvantages of Air Conditioner on Health before you get habituated to it.

Earlier, air conditioning was an extravagance vouchsafed only to the privileged few; but in this avant-garde era, though, it's a norm in offices and in few public transport systems, it has become a part of lives for many of the individuals and they got habituated to it.

Unfortunately, viciously low temperatures & faulty maintenance led to severe health issues, causing common disorders in people & occasional major outbreaks of ailments. Now let's have a look at few advantages & disadvantages of Air Conditioner on Health.

Advantages of Air Conditioner

Extreme heat shows a negative impact on the intelligence and on individuals' physical activity and the use of air conditioning and feel of cool air can go some way to correcting this.

  • Improves comfort levels at work as well as leisure.
  • Enhances job performance
  • Results in augmented intellectual and physical activity
  • Lower or chilled temperature diminishes the existence of parasites and insects.
  • Lower temperature means less sweating, decreasing the dehydration risk
  • Air conditioning system also assists in excluding external allergens like pollens
  • Good installation and maintenance of air conditioner renews &enhances the quality of air

Disadvantages of Air Conditioner on Health

In spite of the relief it brings on a hot sunny day, there are some health problems that occur due to the 24/7running of air conditioning. The following are some of the Disadvantages of Air Conditioner on Health.

  • Unexpected changes in humidity & temperature affect an individual's respiratory system
  • Regular usage of air Conditioner dries skin & mucous membranes
  • Its ambient noise, leads to noise pollution.
  • Air circulation even transmits infectious respiratory diseases
  • Airborne dust & fungi cause allergic reactions
  • Air conditioning is related to chronic rhinitis & pharyngitis, hoarseness and throat irritation
  • Air conditioning can worsen eye conditions like conjunctivitis & blepharitis, and also results in causing problems for contact lens wearers.
  • Sometimes indoor air pollution is greater than outdoor air pollution. If indoor air contains allergens, you may suffer from nasal issues, headaches,itchy eyes,difficulty breathing and dizziness. In extreme cases, pneumonia and asthma attacks can also develop.
  • Spending long hours in air conditioned of offices or home you may cause also suffer heat intolerance when you go outside.
  • If you suffer from allergies in the summer months, running air conditioning constantly worsen your symptoms if AC system has not been regularly maintained.

How to prevent yourself against Disadvantages of Air Conditioner on Health?

Follow below points to prevent yourself against Disadvantages of Air Conditioner on Health:

  • Check the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning/changing unit's air filters.
  • Open windows and allow fresh air to circulate in order to flush out pollutants.
  • Replace a new AC unit for every 10 years.
  • Have an HVAC technician perform annual maintenance checks
  • Try using the fan-only mode on your AC unit.
  • Ensure to change your cabin air filters every 12,000 to 15,000 miles in the car


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