What Are The Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant?

What Are The Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant?

When you are trying to conceive, you are ready to try all sorts of things including treatments and best sex positions to get pregnant. Although these positions cannot help you overcome some serious health hurdles, they can certainly improve your chances of conceiving,

Moreover, you can expect this change in positions to make your every effort to conceive a joyful experience. More often couples lose interest after a while why practicing the same old routine positions. But when you try out varying positions during intercourse, it makes you feel more excited and generates a better response from both the partners.

It, in turn, improves your chances of having a baby.

It Is Not A Magic!

Before going into the depth of the best sex positions to get pregnant, you must be clear that it is not a magic. You may not immediately become pregnant after practicing either of these positions. It may take time for some and for a few couples; the result will be very fast. It all depends on your body's response and age.

Even the science does not particularly support the myth that few positions enhance your chances of conceiving. But ancient texts and evidence suggest that there are a few best sex positions to get pregnant. Here are some such positions that can enhance your baby making chances.

best  positions

Here are some best sex  positions to get pregnant

1.Snuggling For More Arousal

Some evidence suggests that if a man is more aroused his chances of ejaculating more amounts of sperms is higher. You can manage to achieve an arousal before the actual sex by getting into to spooning or snuggling position.

Making each other warm with foreplay and warm hugs gets the sparks flying. When the ejaculation occurs quicker, the sperm levels are most probably very much low. It reduces your chances of conceiving. On the other hand, having intercourse when the arousal is at the peak can increase the number of sperms thereby enhancing the chances of pregnancy.

That is why many sexologists also advice to hold off for a while before the final release.

2.Try It From The Back

It is a regular practice among people in the tribal region. They consider it one of the best sex positions to get pregnant. For this ask your partner to enter from behind while you are either kneeling or lying on abdomen. You can as well lie down side by side to increase chances of conceiving.

According to the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, rear entry is the right position that allows the penis to reach the recess at cervix's back. In this way, it may allow closer contact of sperms with the cervix during ejaculation.

3.Doggy Style Technique

For this position, you need to copy exactly the way dogs have their intercourse. Position yourself on knees and your hands and let your partner enter from behind. It very much guarantees deep penetration and helps the sperm get nearer to the egg.

It is one of the best sex positions to get pregnant, especially for women with a tipped uterus. Make sure that both the partners are in a comfortable position during the intercourse.

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4.Avoid Sex In Sitting Or Standing Position

Well if you are opting for a quickie in standing position, it will reduce your chances of making a baby. For the egg and sperm union, it is important that the sperm travel upstream. But when you are having sex in a standing position, the sperm will work according to the gravity and come down.

To ensure that the sperm enters the egg during intercourse it is important that your position be such that the sperm does not have to work against the gravity. The same is true when you are in a sitting position. The gravity-defying position reduces your chances of conceiving.

5.Missionary Position

It is the natural, time-honored position. Apart from being the most comfortable ways to have sex, it is also one of the best sex positions to get pregnant. When you are lying on back, the vagina has a downward tilted position towards the cervix. This particular arrangement makes it easier for the sperm to travel into the cervix and then into the uterus and unite with the egg.

You can increase the tilt of your vagina by placing a pillow under the pelvis during intercourse. It surely improves the reception chances of the semen.

According to sexologists and endocrinologists, whatever position a couple may try, they should be the first comfortable in what they are trying. So, you can try several best sex positions to get pregnant and settle on a few ones for regular practice depending upon your comfort level.

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