HIV is a degenerative and life threatening disease that harms the immune system. The words HIV and AIDS have become a part of the dictionary for many years now and still the early HIV symptoms are unknown to most of the population.

Difference Between HIV And Aids

HIV is a dangerous virus. Once it develops into its advanced form, it will lead to a terrible terminal condition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Disease (AIDS). This virus attacks the cells, which protects the immunity system in the victim's body, leaving the victim prone to any disease.

A person with HIV disease will not necessarily develop AIDS disease. The symptoms will be pronounced only in the later stages of the HIV transmission and will have weakening effects and consequences on the victim.


Modes Through Which The Virus Enters The Body

The virus enters the body through the bloodstream or mucous membranes of vagina, urethra, rectum or mouth. It is also transmitted through sharing of needles with an infected person, usually when injecting drugs or tattooing or body piercing.

When Can You See The Symptoms?

The symptoms usually appear a few weeks after the victim has had unprotected sex and might last only for a short period. The early HIV symptoms are considered as primary HIV infection. The early infection will be diagnosed with HIV test.

Are The Early Symptoms Clear?

Various HIV symptoms can be easily mistaken for other diseases. Although the chances of getting this virus are very low, it is important for everyone to know the early symptoms of this disease.

A lot of individuals who have fallen prey to this sexually transmitted disease have no early symptoms and may have lived for a longer period, without realizing that the virus has infected them.

How To Differentiate Between HIV And Other Common Conditions?

The early symptoms of HIV can be mistaken for the symptoms of other common conditions like glandular fever or flu. One way to differentiate the possible symptoms is by verifying for some particular symptoms after having unprotected sex recently.

Here are the some early HIV symptoms :

  • Diarrhea
  • Occasional rash on victim's armpit and chest
  • Swollen glands in the armpit and neck
  • Feeling of nausea as well as a small appetite
  • Pain in lower back, muscles and joints
  • Lack of energy and severe fatigue
  • A headache and high fever
  • Sore and dry throat
  • Rapid weight loss

Different Symptoms In Men And Women

The HIV symptoms in women will differ from that of men. The number of HIV-infected women can easily surpass that of men. Mostly, younger women are the most affected ones. Though the symptoms vary, it is always better if you are thoroughly informed.

One of the early HIV symptoms in women can be an irregular menstrual cycle. It may start as irregular periods to no periods at all because of the infection. Many changes may occur in the vaginal area. HIV symptoms in women include recurring vaginal infections like a yeast infection.

It might also cause pelvic inflammation, ulcers, pap smears and genital warts. After a couple of weeks, women might experience flu-like symptoms like a sore throat, fever, and headache.

Lack of proper knowledge regarding the transmission of the virus is the major reason why most of the younger women in sex business are suffering from AIDS and HIV. The need of the hour is to educate these young girls and also men so that they are spared from the infection of such killer virus.

Contracting HIV is quite a concern and should not be neglected. Taking action will help you deal with the virus in a better way.

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