Are you using birth control pills? Is it on regular basis or occasionally? Whatever the answer may be but you must know that there are many long term side effects of birth control pills than the advantages of these pills. Read this complete article and get awareness on this and don't risk your life for temporary happiness.Long term side effects of birth control pills

Birth control pills are used to prevent pregnancy. The birth control pills are named as oral contraceptives in medical terms. These birth control pills are synthetic hormones to control the pregnancy. It is a way for men and women to control pregnancy. These pills are easily available in the medical shops or pharmaceutical stores. These birth control pills work 99.9% effectively when taken at right time.

Here are the top dangerous long term side effects of birth control pills .

  • Weight Loss or gain: Many studies proved that the common side effect among women who use birth control pills is weight loss or gain depending upon their time duration of pills usage. 1 in 100 people are affected by this when used in regular basis. This causes due to the internal body system changes done by pills.weight loss
  • Cancer: Different studies states that the increase in types of cancers are caused due to usage of pills regularly. Most effectively caused cancers are cervical cancer, breast cancer, etc. A study conducted by British Journal of Cancer revealed that in 100000 women who used pills have 10% extra chance of getting breast cancer.
  • Blood Clots: Blood clots are spoken more when there is a topic on Long term side effects of birth control pills. Estrogens present in blood will cause to produce blood clots in the liver which damages blood circulation in the body and leads to critical health issues. About 40 out of 100,000 women are affected with blood clot within one year usage of pills.Heart attack
  • Heart attack and heart stroke: Studies conducted by Medlink Neurology and many other universities published the risk of oral contraceptives in women are increased who have migraine, high blood pressure. Another study declared that usage of pills leads to artery-blocking plaques in heart increased by up to 30% for every 10 years of pill usage.
  • Muscle Growth: The progesterone present in the pills will decrease the hormones which help in muscle growth. When birth control pills are taken for long years they develop impaired muscle growth in the body.
  • Decrease in Bone density: The decrease of estrogens levels in the body effects negatively on the bones because these pills decrease the Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and thus women who use pills have lesser density, stronger bones when compared to women who don't use.High Blood Pressure
  • Depression and mood swings: Many women observed emotional health issues after the usage of pills. These include depression and other mood swings like sorrow which are affecting their relationship, personal and professional life.
  • High Blood Pressure: Several studies determined a direct link between birth control and increase in blood pressure. This side effect is severely seen in women who has the factors like smoking, obesity and elderly age women.
  • Sleeping disorder: The main long term side effects of birth control pills are sleeping disorder. The regular usage of these pills will decrease the vitamin c, magnesium content from the body which leads to insomnia or other sleeping disorders.
  • Acne: As these pills contains estrogen and progestin hormones, many birth control pills approved in positive way of curing acne which are certainly not cured by any other medication. Though few women agree with this, many women disagree with this statement and claim a rapid increase in their acne especially in areas like neck, shoulders, face because of the regular dose of birth control pills.
  • Hair Loss: Hair thinning, hair loss are commonly seen side effects in the women who uses birth control pills for long term. Estrogens present in pills will majorly effect on the hair growth cycle and sheds the hair from root which may also leads to baldness.
  • Head Ache: These pills increase pain and frequency in the head which causes serious headache regularly. This sometimes may also leads to migraine and also increases the risk of brain strokes in the body.

Not only these side effects, there are many various deadly side effects which risks your health and changes all the body system. Sometimes the long term side effects of birth control pills lead to death when used for many long years. Few are listed below.

  • Tender breasts
  • Mensurational changes
  • Gallbladder Diseases
  • Migraines and nausea
  • Yeast overgrowth and infection
  • Irregular bleeding and spotting

The intake of birth control pills also reduces vitamins, manganese, zinc and other essential minerals from the body and weakens the body system. These pills shouldn't be taken by old age women and other women who are in medication or having any sort of disorder.

There are many alternative methods to control birth which can be used and there would be no more long term side effects of birth control pills if used them properly. The methods are natural home remedies, proper safety measures and many others.

Do not risk your life for temporary happiness. Adopt a peaceful, happy and healthy lifestyle. Live Happily! Stay Healthy!

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