When you would like to move but your partner doesn't want to have sex, the first thing you think is probably that they are not into you anymore, right? That's the common and immediate reaction that comes into the picture of a lot of people when they make sexual overtures & get turned down. However, they are various reasons because of which your partner is not interested in sex

Many experts suggest not jumping to conclusions or give up on sex life just yet. Know the reason why your partner is not interested in sex and try to resolve it.

Reasons your partner not interested in sexsex problems

As, per the experts, below, are the some of the reasons why your partner is not interested in having sex with you.


Look, a person when feeling tired doesn't want to do anything except like, pass out and read. Sex takes a lot of energy! Thus if your partner is tired he or she may not interest to have sex.

2.Stressful Work

Presumably, work stress not only makes people's brains churning but also raises cortisol levels, which results in lower sexual desire. So if your partner is having with a lot of work or stress they might not prefer to have sex.

3.Not Horny

This one can be solvable if your partner has the receptive desire but don't be pushy about it. If they are just not feeling it, then they're just not feeling it. Allow them know that you are & then allow them be.


This is one of the most cliched excuses across the world for not willing to have sex. But, in fact, headaches are the worst & completely get in the way of sexy times.

5.Just Masturbation

If your partner has Masturbated just sometime before, then he or she may not interested to have sex.

6.They May Don't Prefer Morning/Evening/Afternoon Sex

Perhaps you want to have a sex in the morning but your partner may not willing or prefer to do anything for the first hour after waking up, like sex. Or perhaps you love it in the afternoon but your partner too distracted. In spite of, if you are approaching your partner at the day time that they are not up for getting down, then their rejection of sex is not a rejection of you.

7.Dealing With Family Stuff

Similar to work, family stressful especially for those who are close with their families knows family problems. If there is a lot going on in your partner's family life, then that could be on their mind when you move close to him or her for sex. So, it doesn't mean that they have lost interest in you, but in fact, they are worried about their own problems.

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8.Being Sick

Aching coughs and Stuffy noses do not an amorous partner make.

9.If Your Partner Hormones are Out of Whack

In some cases people have low sex drive as their testosterone levels are low thus they might say no to sex. On the other side, fluctuations in hormones related to menstrual cycle also make some people not to have sex

10.Feeling Not So Good About Their Body

Sometimes the poor body image also makes people really; really not want to have sex.

11.Dissatisfaction in Relationship

For several women, sexual desire is linked to their relationship. If your partner is annoyed with you or dissatisfied with the marriage, then having sex can be the furthest thing from their mind.

Alongside with above, the following are the others reasons why your partner is not interested to have sex with you.

  • Painful Sex

If sex is painful or uncomfortable for your partner then he or she can lose interest in sex.

  • Sex has become routine

Eventually, if you or your partner feel that sex has become too predictable same time, same place, same positions it can be time to mix things up

  • No emotional connection

Lack of emotional connection also leads to loss of sex desire

Know the exact reason from your partner on why he or she is not interested to have sex and take measures accordingly.

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