To understand whether a mobile phone can be harmful you need to understand first the basic waves that come out from the cellular phone. These waves are similar to the signals that are sent by a radio to its base station. The carrier signal gives out two different types of radiation fields:

  • Far-field plume
  • Near-field plume

Biochemical Responses

Contrarily, living organisms also generate a particular type of electromagnetic field at the organ, cellular, tissue and organism level.

This field is termed as biofield. Both the types of radiations can disrupt and wreck the working of the biofield due to which the physiology and the metabolism of living organism is compromised.

The moment the body tracks the presence of such types of radiations, it marks them as invaders and start developing protective biochemical reactions due to which the physiology of the body is altered leading to several problems including leakage within the barrier of blood-brain, intracellular free-radical buildup, intercellular communication disruption, genetic damage and increase in the chances of tumors.

Hence, the mobile radiations do not cause any direct damage but can indirectly lead to damage by initiating biochemical responses within the body cells. 

Thus, even though the radiations from the cellphones do not cause direct damage to your body its long term use and closeness to the body can alter the working of your body organs leading to serious problems in the long run.

Since not much is available yet on these radiations as the studies are underway, the best thing is to use the mobile only when it is urgent and to keep it away from the body.

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