Many organizations know that hiring and maintaining employees during night shifts is a challenge, thus they lure the employees by offering many incentives and schemes. However, working in night shifts leads to many health issues. Thus, it's the time to do some yoga.

There are few Yoga Poses for People Working in Night Shifts. Know them, practice them to remain healthier.Working in night shifts or in odd hours can develop the risk for an array of long-term and short-term health issues. Though, if you work on night shift only for a few months, the probability of risks increases dramatically. Thus, it is better to do or perform Yoga Poses for People Working in Night Shifts.

Survey on health issues on working night shifts:working in night shifts

  • People Working in Night Shifts are more prone to obesity & ill-health when compared to general people.
  • According to the survey, 30% of shift workers were obese, when compared with 23% of women and 24% of men working normal hours.
  • Around 40% of men & 45% of women working on shifts had long-standing health issues, like back pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or diabetes, when compared with 39% and 36% of rest of the population.
  • Working in night shifts also leads to a habit of smoking, which exacerbates many other illnesses.

Yoga Poses for People Working in Night Shifts

Here are few easy and best yoga poses for people working in night shifts.

1. Shavasana (Corpse Pose): This yoga assists in stress-busting, relaxation and enhancing concentration.

2. Sarvangasana: In the term Sarvangasana, Sarva itself means whole body and this asana offers benefits to the entire body, especially for back pain problems, blood circulation and digestive system. 


3. Dhanurasana (Bow pose): This yoga pose helps in reducing belly fat & is further it is mostly suggested for back pain problems.

 4. Balasana (Childs pose): This asana aids in stress reliever and improves blood circulation. Also cures back pain. 

5. Padmasana or lotus pose: Doing Padmasana leads to peace of mind & strengthens body digestive system.

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