Benefits of Gaumutra for Health Problems

Benefits of Gaumutra for Health Problems


                           India's Traditional Medicine-Gomutra and It's Medicinal Benefits

Ayurvedic-history of India knows that cow finds an important mention in the Indian economy, the Indian way of life, and our culture. here we will get a clear idea about the Benefits of Gaumutra (cow urine) and its related products 

There are countless Vedic references pointing at the significance of cow vis-à-vis agriculture, environment, health, economy, as well as spiritual progress.

The cow urine and its related products market is approximately 1 Billion $ in India and around the world.

What is Panchagavya

Panchgavya collectively refers to the five important products we get from the desi cow, which are






Cow urine being more commonly referred to as Gomutra.

All these five elements are part of the traditional Indian systems of medicine; traditionally used in India for positive health of human and crop; pharmaceutical uses & wide range of therapies.

Benefits of Cow Urine

Cow urine and its amazing benefits based on the latest research.

Gomutra contains Water, Urea, Hormones, Enzymes, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Urea, Uric acid, Amino acids, Cytokine, & Lactose.

Gomutra is used for many medicinal and agricultural purposes predominantly in India. However other countries are witness to the benefits we are deriving from Panchgaya and are beginning to show an inclination towards them, as a result of which demand for Gomutra and other products is on the rise.

Many scientific organizations across India and beyond engaged in research focusing on better ways of farming have reported that bio-pesticides are a safe option, for they do not accumulate in the food chain and are have no harmful effects that chemical pesticides are known to contain.

Gomutra is also helpful in controlling malaria as it has components that restrict the multiplication of mosquito larvae.

cow urine health benefits

Cow –Urine, Gomutra and its Medical Importance | Benefits of Gaumutra (cow urine)

The discussion about Gomutra will be incomplete if we do not highlight why consuming Gomutra is considered a good health practice.

According to studies, Gomutra contains components that are naturally present in the human body. And its consumption helps to maintain the balance of these substances in the body, aiding the body with immunity powers to cure diseases and improve overall health conditions.

Gomutra being natural is obviously eco-friendly, economical, and easily available, is a popular ingredient in the Indian medicine system as a potential therapeutic agent.

Cow urine or gomutra extract (with other products including herbs) is used for curing many outer to inner health conditions from skincare, fever, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, breathing issues to serious issues like cancer, leprosy, deformation condition in leprosy, epilepsy, anemia, wherein patients and doctors have claimed to attain improvement in the quality of life and even prolonged survival.

Gomutra based formulations developed by Cowkart have proved to be a major step against disease management and have proved to be effective medicines; standing their ground against chemicals and antibiotics.

Cow Urine Products in India

Ayush & GMP Certified Gomutra  Products India

Karnataka based traditional entrepreneur after research on Desi Cow he introduced pure 100 % natural products those made with Cow Urine , Cow Milk , Cow Ghee, and Cow Dung

They are selling products from for all users at an affordable cost.

Product for Weight loss (Oberil),  which contains herbs like turmeric, Nagarmotha, Chitrak, Triphala, Vaividang, and Trikatu & Gomutra helps to detoxify the body fat naturally and eliminated excess bad fat naturally; It also regulates metabolism and eliminates toxins accumulated because of junk food which helps you to lose weight in a healthy manner.

  • If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes tablets as well as a syrup that offers relief without causing any side effect or harm to your health in the long run.
  • BreathON is a formulation offering relief to those suffering from breathing issues. Gomutra mixed with Visaka is known to manage respiratory ailments; control Kapha secretion, eases digestion, tones lungs, eliminates the presence of bad bacteria in the chest, and provides relief to the lung walls.
  • BP NORM is a product that helps to balance sattvik energy and tri-doshas. It is also an effective solution to balance cholesterol levels and set the nervous system in order. Ingredients used in BP NORM like Jatamansi, Sadabahar also cure stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Cowart's product Dermol helps to cure complex skin disorders. We’ve also developed Gomutra Immunity Syrup which is rich in minerals and protects your body against various viruses and bacteria, strengthening the immunity of those who consume it regularly.

More than 14 Natural Cow Urine Based Products  Certified Gomutra Products at Cowkart

Cow Kart Spiritual and Natural Beauty care Products:

Besides medicinal products, Cowkart has also developed products using Panchagavya like cow-dung Agarbatti which are chemical-free and are sure to fill your home not just with aroma but also positive energy; our fragrance sticks and dhoop has no added chemicals or artificial components that you find in its commercial counterparts that suffocate you.

You can also check out the interesting range of Personal Wellness & Beauty products and order them online.

The best thing about our products is that we offer them at an affordable price.

The secret is simple. We do not spend on advertising and marketing. This saving is a benefit we pass on to our customers. Their word of mouth publicity and good experiences drive enough business our way.



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